Two Lights: Relúmĭno — A Subtle but Beautiful Short Film by Han Ji Min and Park Hyung Sik


Previously, I’ve expressed my interest when I first saw the preview trailer for Two Lights: Relúmĭno (두개의 빛: 릴루미노). Now that I have seen it I must say I love it and recommend everyone to check it out. It’s a beautiful yet simple 30 minutes short film starring Park Hyung Sik and Han Ji Min.

The greatest thing about this short film is that it can be readily found on YouTube with substitles of various languages, so international viewers are covered, all thanks to Samsung Electronics.

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First Peek! Check out how V.I.P Lee Jong Suk Tries to Outsmart Park Hee Soon, Kim Myung Min and Jang Dong Gun


V.I.P is an upcoming movie distributed by Warner Brothers’ Korea, directed by Park Hoon Jung (The Tiger), and starring these four main actors: Park Hee Soon (The Suspect), Kim Myung Min (Six Flying Dragons), Jang Dong Gun (No Tears for the Dead) and Lee Jong Suk (W: Two Worlds).

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First Peek! Kim Soo Hyun is Badass in Real Movie Teaser and Posters


Oh my god, how exciting. We finally have something from Kim Soo Hyun‘s new movie, Real. It felt like eternity just waiting as they kept it so secretive. Not that I don’t love secretive. The less spoilers the better I say because I don’t know what to expect, and when one don’t have expectation, it will yield better result.

Kim Soo Hyun looks so badass in the teaser. I didn’t expect to see him kicking so much ass so it’s a surprise. It didn’t seem like it’s the same as the sypnosis anymore, but you know what, I don’t care… just air it now and we’ll be the judge of it.

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Ariel Lin Partnering Up with Rhydian Vaughan in My Egg Boy


A new Taiwanese movie named My Egg Boy 《我的蛋男情人》 hits the theatres today, starring Ariel Lin and Rhydian Vaughan. I have good feeling about this one, and immediately from the previews I believes Ariel partnering up with Rhydian will create brand new sparkles on-screen, just like when she was with Joe Chang (It Started with a Kiss) and Bolin Chen (In Time with You).

This movie somewhat targeted at telling the stories of the modern working women who face the same issue as Ariel’s character, and I like that we get this weird, but yet insightful discussions between the heroine and her frozen egg-man. It very much gives me the vibe that I will be watching another intellectual piece of artwork much like In Time with You, only it is in movie format. The cinematography is also another alluring factor.

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First Peek! Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River


Seondal: The Man who sells the River tells the tale of two swindlers during the Joseon period. To be the famous swindler that is well-known to the nation, you would expect them to be gutsy and maybe possess a handsome / attractive appearance. That spells out our hero swindler Kim In Hong (also known as Kim Seon Dal). His partner in crime is mainly Bo Won, but they also have help from Yoon, a female buddisht. Together they tried to sell the river, and the catch is, they don’t even own the river. LOLLLL.

What? When did the boy film another Joseon movie? Oh never mind. I got that answer from AsianWiki. Basically Yoo Seung Ho did Joseon Magician first, then immediately work on this. Wicked, hot potato, this boy.

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First Peek! Bounty Hunters

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After…god knows how long of waiting…we finally get a sneak peek of the Korean-Chinese collaborated movie, Bounty Hunters, starring Lee Min Ho, Wallace Chung and Tang Yang. The movie has long been completed, but took forever to hit the big screen. And now finally, we not only have some insights of the teaser trailer, but also some official movie images. Continue reading “First Peek! Bounty Hunters”

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