Throwback Answer Me 1988


Oh my gosh, I felt my heart flutter and palpitate a little faster when I saw these pictures of Answer Me 1988 Ssamundong gang, Deok Sun and Taek in HD!!! What a treat. It was the picture that never had a clear version, and more…! Now. Let us all die one by one. Someone behind the line please bring along the defribillator to resuscitate us, thanks.

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52nd Baeksang Arts Awards


Last night I was adamant I won’t waste my time blogging on 52nd Baeksang Awards, but now that I saw these pretty pictures in HD, especially of the actors I admire, I succumb. I won’t be sharing the list of the winners, because that will only give me high blood pressure again. Instead, I am taking this as an excuse for all the busy Ssangmundong kids and parents to find time for a small reunion. And I am sure those who is truly interested knows where to find the list e.g. Google.

Without further ado, let us all go behind the scenes of these glamorous stars’ wardrobes for the night.

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Park Bo Gum & Lee Dong Hwi Team Up for Pelicana Chicken


Pelicana Chicken sure take their sweet time releasing this. Now Park Bo Gum can eat to his heart’s content—both chicken and pizza, except, he has to control his diet for the new upcoming drama. Bwahahahaha.  Lee Dong Hwi is busy with filming himself, so that goes the same to him. Poor actors. It’s all nice to look at, but no touching in reality.

It’s lovely to see uri Dong Ryong reunites with Taekie.

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Youth Over Flowers in Africa Ends & Casting News for Ssangmundong 5


The time has come to say goodbyes to my boys in Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Osen has dropped the bomb and announced that Episode 6 is the finale; a PD edition episode will air on April 1—where they meet up in Seoul and talk about the trip. So is this why there was a group photo with Na PD on the web a couple of days ago? By tradition, in this director’s cut, we should also see some unseen before footage. In that case, Na PD, please give me back the censored kiss scene(s) and Ryu Jun Yeol’s shower scene!

So where do our Ssangmundong 5+ go from here…?

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Gillette CF Featuring Ryu Jun Yeol & Lee Dong Hwi


Previously I have posted regarding Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Dong Hwi of Answer Me 1988 doing a Gillette razor CF, and now the CF is released. In the CF, they are still in their Answer Me characters, and for comical relief, Dong Ryong is rubbing salt on Jung Hwan’s wound concerning Deok Sun. LOL. What I would like to know is… when did Dong Ryong finds out? Pwahaha.

In reality (of the drama) i.e. to be true to Answer Me characters, Jung Hwan will take this secret to his grave, so there is no way Dong Ryong would ever find out, and has this chance to tease him. 😀 Continue reading “Gillette CF Featuring Ryu Jun Yeol & Lee Dong Hwi”

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