Lee Jong Suk Confirms for New Drama While You Were Sleeping


I think there is one thing I love about Lee Jong Suk, and that is him being a workaholic. I love that he never disappear from the small screen too long. It has not been long since W-Two Worlds wrap, but he has already secured himself a movie, and today the news broke out he will be headlining a new drama While You Were Sleeping (working title) early Spring 2017.

He reunites with screen writer Park Hye Ryun for the 3rd time—the one who wrote I Hear Your Voice—the drama that propelled Jong Suk to fame and Pinocchio.

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Lee Jong Suk Stars in Davinchi’s Love Is MV


Lee Jong Suk recently made an appearance in Davinchi‘s MV ‘Love is‘. In the MV, Jong Suk is seen as a man who has lost someone he loved. He returns to this house as he walks on the memory lane, doing the things that he once did with the lost one. Was it a deceased lover? Let’s take a look…

I inserted a surprise at the end for Answer Me 1988 fans…hehehe

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W-Two Worlds Fashion: Kang Chul


Amidst the mind-boggling storylines of W—Two Worlds that rendered me incapable of blogging anything sensible or logical, I want to at least be able to blog about Kang Daepyo, Kang Chul’s fashion wardrobe. Model/Actor Lee Jong Suk literally did a fashion parade in the show, and thank god someone has already did all the hard work (whilst I was busy compiling Moonlight Drawn by Clouds fashion posts).

All Fashion images compiled by: jsddot5959

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Get InStyle with Lee Jong Suk


Oh loveeeee! Lee Jong Suk is not called a model for no reason. His magazine pictorials, 99.99% of the time, always turn out looking supremely A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Seriously, no joke. I don’t know whether he is just super lucky with the photographers, or he’s just photogenic, or maybe the magazines give him the best of everything. He’s just great in almost anything he wears or models for in magazines.

Having just recently completed his drama, W-Two Worlds, Jong Suk returns as a model for various magazines, and InStyle is one of them.

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Lee Jong Suk Returns to Big Screen as a Villain


Lee Jong Suk, the man who has stirred up a storm with his latest hit drama, W, has recently confirmed to play his first ever villain role in a noir thriller movie named VIP. Lee Jong Suk hasn’t starred in a movie since 2014’s Hot Young Bloods. It has been awhile, but really glad to hear that he will challenge the big screen again, and this time, as a villain. Awesome. I am loving the idea of him as a villain, especially after having watch him always play the good guys for so many years.

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