Biases: What Are They Up To Now?

Biases Up to

My Drama Land is experiencing a bit of drought again. Most biases have completed their projects, and some are leaving for military services, whereas a couple of them are just taking their sweet honey time reviewing script offers. Meanwhile a few are busy with fan meetings. Damn those fan meet tours. And the good shows are coming to an end one week after another. Aish. Not happy. Not happy at all.

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First Peek! Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River


Seondal: The Man who sells the River tells the tale of two swindlers during the Joseon period. To be the famous swindler that is well-known to the nation, you would expect them to be gutsy and maybe possess a handsome / attractive appearance. That spells out our hero swindler Kim In Hong (also known as Kim Seon Dal). His partner in crime is mainly Bo Won, but they also have help from Yoon, a female buddisht. Together they tried to sell the river, and the catch is, they don’t even own the river. LOLLLL.

What? When did the boy film another Joseon movie? Oh never mind. I got that answer from AsianWiki. Basically Yoo Seung Ho did Joseon Magician first, then immediately work on this. Wicked, hot potato, this boy.

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Drama Review: Remember — War of the Son


I walk into Remember—War of the Son because I wanted to be wowed by Yoo Seung Ho. It is his comeback drama after the military serviceso naturally, it is highly anticipated by viewers. The show was promising in context; the casts are solid as well. By rating, it also ranked number one for weeks, beating out its opponents of the same time slot on Wednesday and Thursday.

But is it really good? Can the rating be trusted?

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First Peek! 9 Minutes Preview to Remember


Three more posters have been released today for the upcoming Wed-Thu SBS drama, Remember. The press conference was held yesterday, and thus, we now have 9 minutes+ of preview trailer to peek into.

I don’t usually watch press conference’s trailers—because they are filled with spoilers, but this time, I could not help it. And ah, I got it all wrong for the first meeting of the hero and heroine—turns out the 18 years old is actually Yoo Seung Ho, LOL. Fine, that makes sense, since in real life, Park Min Young is 7 years old than him. Continue reading “First Peek! 9 Minutes Preview to Remember”

First Peek! Official Poster for Remember & More Stills


The official poster has finally been released for the upcoming Wed-Thu SBS drama, Remember,as we see Yoo Seung Ho (Imaginary Cat, Joseon Magician) and Park Min Young (Healer) sitting closely together beside the train track having a romantic date (?).

In previous post, I have mentioned Yoo Seung Ho plays Seo Jin Woo — a genius lawyer with Hyperthymesia, and I am guessing he will go up against the prosecutor Lee In Ah played by Park Min Young in court few times until they fall in love.

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First Peek! Joseon Magician Drops Teaser Trailer


Joseon Magician (English Title: The Magician) starring Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara, is premiering soon some time in December. Although, it does not look like an exact date has been set for the premiere, but posters, stills and trailers are now pouring out to pique our interest.

Yesterday, the movie releases its second teaser trailer (which is literally just the longer version of the first).

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