Micro Drama & Variety Show Reviews: April 2019


Although Kdrama land kicked off 2019 with an awesome start, but for me the last couple of months lacks good feels dramas. One or two stood out, that was it. But the upcoming dramas seem positive, especially those with beautiful OTPs. I followed two variety shows recently, so they are thrown into the reviews too. Continue reading “Micro Drama & Variety Show Reviews: April 2019”


Micro Drama Reviews: August 2018


Vice President Lee Young Joon:What’s Wrong with My Secretary Kim? She left me after meeting Mr. Sunshine and went on a trip to experience Life on Mars. Over there, her ID is ‘Gangnam Beauty’ and even though she’s 30 but she looks 17, and the aliens there are so curious with her and the most common question she gets is “Are You Human too?Life is so good there that she may not return. Oh, how I miss my extraordinary, but Familiar Wife.”

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Drama Review: Remember — War of the Son


I walk into Remember—War of the Son because I wanted to be wowed by Yoo Seung Ho. It is his comeback drama after the military serviceso naturally, it is highly anticipated by viewers. The show was promising in context; the casts are solid as well. By rating, it also ranked number one for weeks, beating out its opponents of the same time slot on Wednesday and Thursday.

But is it really good? Can the rating be trusted?

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The Best of… 2015

2014 ATA logoVector Smart Object

All these end of year Drama Awards from MBC, KBS and SBS and famed Dramabeans have inspired me to make one up myself. I thought it will be fun, even though I did not anticipate it will take me hours to compile my own list of winners, and put up pretty images to go with it. The hardest, of course, is no doubt writing about it. That said, I tried my best, with the pathetic list of dramas I saw this year, and gave them all a recognition of my own.

Here goes nothing…

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First Peek! 9 Minutes Preview to Remember


Three more posters have been released today for the upcoming Wed-Thu SBS drama, Remember. The press conference was held yesterday, and thus, we now have 9 minutes+ of preview trailer to peek into.

I don’t usually watch press conference’s trailers—because they are filled with spoilers, but this time, I could not help it. And ah, I got it all wrong for the first meeting of the hero and heroine—turns out the 18 years old is actually Yoo Seung Ho, LOL. Fine, that makes sense, since in real life, Park Min Young is 7 years old than him. Continue reading “First Peek! 9 Minutes Preview to Remember”

First Peek! Official Poster for Remember & More Stills


The official poster has finally been released for the upcoming Wed-Thu SBS drama, Remember,as we see Yoo Seung Ho (Imaginary Cat, Joseon Magician) and Park Min Young (Healer) sitting closely together beside the train track having a romantic date (?).

In previous post, I have mentioned Yoo Seung Ho plays Seo Jin Woo — a genius lawyer with Hyperthymesia, and I am guessing he will go up against the prosecutor Lee In Ah played by Park Min Young in court few times until they fall in love.

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First Peek! Yoo Seung Ho is Deadly in Remember


Good god, is this boy trying to kill me? Does he not know I am susceptible to pretty, good-looking men? It’s a crime to look this delicious, someone please take Yoo Seung Ho (Joseon Magician [1] [2]) away and lock him up. Having said that, I am well aware the pictures are greatly enhanced to look this pretty with the help of Photoshop, but still… *dripping drools*

Nonsense talk aside (and wiping away the drools), these are new stills released by media for his upcoming drama, Remember. The drama also stars Park Min Young (Healer) as the female lead, who recently returned from China filming a C-drama.

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