Micro Drama Reviews: July 2017


Now why can’t they spread out the goodness evenly?—we were lacking good shows earlier in the year, and now we are drown in so many awesomeness. But, no complains. I love the return of my biases in these shows and enjoying getting addicted to triple the goodness thanks to cloning.

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Ji Chang Wook for POLICE, Max Movie, Magazine M and Cine 21


Ji Chang Wook has been busy looking excellent for the cameras lately, what with promoting his movie, Fabricated City. He looked sensational in POLICE, which I’m not even sure this is a magazine or a brand, but you what, who cares—just swooon. Other than the photos from POLICE, I’m throwing in a mixture of photoshoots from Max Movie, Cine 21 and M Magazine too so that they are all in one post and I can cheat not having to write too much non-sensical stuff.

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InStyle & Stars Shining Moment


Looks like InStyle has gone all out for their July issue; covering and capturing all the shining star moment from Baeksang. I am absolutely loving what I am seeing, and it’s not just because Park Bo Gum is in it, but also our Answer Me 1988 Ssangmundong chingu, as well as all other big shots / winners that night.

There are definitely moreeee pretty pictures of the stars, but I think we will need to buy the magazine if we want to see more. Right now let’s look at what has been publicized by InStyle as a teaser…

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52nd Baeksang Arts Awards


Last night I was adamant I won’t waste my time blogging on 52nd Baeksang Awards, but now that I saw these pretty pictures in HD, especially of the actors I admire, I succumb. I won’t be sharing the list of the winners, because that will only give me high blood pressure again. Instead, I am taking this as an excuse for all the busy Ssangmundong kids and parents to find time for a small reunion. And I am sure those who is truly interested knows where to find the list e.g. Google.

Without further ado, let us all go behind the scenes of these glamorous stars’ wardrobes for the night.

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Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 6 (Final)


Awesome, I was hoping a picture of this group shot will be posted, and they managed to get a nice shot with Victoria Falls as the backdrop. Due to lighting beyond my capability of repairing, we can’t see the beauty of the waterfalls, but it does not matter—this particular picture is about the youth and journey of our boys: Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and maknae, Park Bo Gum. And lets hustle together (mentally) and cheer: Kamsahamnida, Youth Over Flowers in Africa! Hip Hip Hurrayyyy \(^o^)/~~~~the boys complete their mission and have one more day to spare—to do scary activities.

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Youth Over Flowers in Africa Ends & Casting News for Ssangmundong 5


The time has come to say goodbyes to my boys in Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Osen has dropped the bomb and announced that Episode 6 is the finale; a PD edition episode will air on April 1—where they meet up in Seoul and talk about the trip. So is this why there was a group photo with Na PD on the web a couple of days ago? By tradition, in this director’s cut, we should also see some unseen before footage. In that case, Na PD, please give me back the censored kiss scene(s) and Ryu Jun Yeol’s shower scene!

So where do our Ssangmundong 5+ go from here…?

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Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 5


In this episode, Youth Over Flowers in Africa  is all about Victoria Falls. It only appear in the last 20 minutes, but it is what is really stick in the mind after watching. When the first view of the waterfalls enter the eyes of Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum, it was nothing but extravagance and surreal. There are greens, the beautiful blue skies with white cotton-like clouds, the waterfalls and a rainbow. The view of the waterfalls was a very touching moment, and had me in tears. If Jae Hong thought the view he saw at Etosha Waterhole made him feel tiny, then Victoria Falls would be the view that render me feeling non-existence in this universe.

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