First Impression: Tomorrow with You


Listening to Goblin’s OST whilst composing my first impression of Tomorrow with You is how I rejoice I finally have one promising drama I can look forward to each week. Tomorrow with You stars Lee Je Hoon (Signal) and Shin Min Ah (Oh My Venus), is the tvN drama that follows after Goblin, so I expected it to uphold the same quality as its predecessors. The verdict is: I enjoy the first two episodes.

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First Impression: Pretty Proofreader

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Follow the success of 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made, Ishihara Satomi has returned to us with a brand new drama named Jimi ni Sugoi! Kouetsu Girl ・ Kouno Etsuko (地味にスゴイ! 校閲ガール・河野悦子), also known as Pretty Proofreader. Yes I know, Japanese and their super looooong drama titles. *Shaking my head* Long winded title aside, I highly recommend girls who love fashion to check it out. The drama is actually an adaptation of novel written by Miyagi Ayako. Hahaha, another novel turn live action drama. I don’t know how close this will be to the original, but the drama so far has been really fun and entertaining to watch.

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Drama Review: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (also known as Love in the Moonlight) is an adaptation of South Korean web novel of the same name. The live action drama stars young rising talents such as Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, Jin Young, Kwak Dong Yeon, Chae Soo Bin and is supported by many other veteran actors. The drama is a fusion sageuk with a contemporary theme, and is widely advertised as teen romance with light politics. The story inspired by Crown Prince Hyomyeong from the Joseon era, about the tale of his personal life and his struggle as a Regent ruler.

If you are new to historical drama, and enjoys cute romance or bromance and little politics—this will be it. However, I do warn of the danger of developing high standards in visuals after completing this drama.

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Progress of Latest Drama Watching — July 2016


Farewell to Oh Hae Young, and welcome to more new shows. It is sad to let the good show go, and even harder when there are no drama at the moment that can replace it. As previously mentioned, there is no way I have time to write individual reviews; thus, the best I could do is compiled both spazzing and ranting into one post. Note: Rants will definitely overshadow the spazzing.

Note: this post contains spoilers.

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