Duel: The Twists, Sung Joon, Sung Hoon and Sanyoung


Episode 13 Thoughts

Bravado to the screenwriter. OCN’s chase thriller drama, Duel, has proven to be one of the smartest mystery drama I’ve ever seen. Episode 13’s twist and revelation really blew me away. This show fell under the radar in its country, but thankfully the low rating didn’t affect its quality, and the plot just gets better and better. We have three episodes left, questions are getting answered and this episode has highlighted to us the script is well-thought-out, characters or scenes from the past are starting to link together and nothing is wasted, and that they were shown for a reason (i.e. if we exclude the PPL).


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First Impression: Tomorrow with You


Listening to Goblin’s OST whilst composing my first impression of Tomorrow with You is how I rejoice I finally have one promising drama I can look forward to each week. Tomorrow with You stars Lee Je Hoon (Signal) and Shin Min Ah (Oh My Venus), is the tvN drama that follows after Goblin, so I expected it to uphold the same quality as its predecessors. The verdict is: I enjoy the first two episodes.

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