Chris Christy 2017 Men’s Fashion Fall Collection with Yang Se Jong


This is probably Yang Se Jong‘s one and only endorsement as he was signed on to be the model earlier this March. Glad to see him return for the Fall collection for Chris Christy. Comparing to the Summer collection, I much prefer this hairstyle—black suits him way better.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Fashion: Do Bong Soon


I find Do Bong Soon’s wardrobe a bit complicated in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The fashion team not only dresses her up overly cute and girly, but also layered her up with apparels I don’t think is easily found just anywhere. Most styles are not my cup of tea, but some does catch my eyes and it provides good ideas. Some of her clothes are petite too, so it may not fit tall or bigger sized girls.
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Get Fashion Ideas for Winter Apparels from Park Bo Gum


I am ready to die for this set of pictorials by Arena Hommes+ for the January issue of Park Bo Gum. The winter apparels are from TNGT who has signed Bo Gum as their model earlier this year, and must say, the clothes are  👍 and the model is super duper 👍👍👍👍.

Need Christmas gift ideas for the male member(s) of your family? Here’s one!

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W-Two Worlds Fashion: Kang Chul


Amidst the mind-boggling storylines of W—Two Worlds that rendered me incapable of blogging anything sensible or logical, I want to at least be able to blog about Kang Daepyo, Kang Chul’s fashion wardrobe. Model/Actor Lee Jong Suk literally did a fashion parade in the show, and thank god someone has already did all the hard work (whilst I was busy compiling Moonlight Drawn by Clouds fashion posts).

All Fashion images compiled by: jsddot5959

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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Fashion: Kim Yoon Sung

2016-08-26 184241

As the second male lead, Jin Young is not only talented in music producing and composing, but just as charismatic and charming as our Seja on-screen. As much as I adore the crown prince’s fashion, I am also quite fond of Kim Yoon Sung’s wardrobe from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Yoon Sung does not have nearly as many hanbok as Seja, but the fashion designer/stylist isn’t slacking off when it comes to dressing him up prettily too.

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