Micro Drama & Variety Show Reviews: April 2019


Although Kdrama land kicked off 2019 with an awesome start, but for me the last couple of months lacks good feels dramas. One or two stood out, that was it. But the upcoming dramas seem positive, especially those with beautiful OTPs. I followed two variety shows recently, so they are thrown into the reviews too. Continue reading “Micro Drama & Variety Show Reviews: April 2019”


Micro Drama Reviews: December 2018


Time flies this year, I can barely remember what good dramas I’ve watched this year. Was it better than last year? I can’t seem to name a show I was so addicted and infatuated with so I suppose my kdrama experience this year is not as memorable as 2017. However, I hope YOU have a better experience.

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First Impression: Temperature of Love

Following the drama slump in August, it was delightful to have Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin grace our screens with Temperature of Love. The drama is an adaptation of scriptwriter, Ha Myung Hee‘s novel “Good Soup Never Picks Up Phone” and in combination with PD Nam Gun, the show is receiving many positive reviews nationally and internationally.  ❤

Note: This post contains spoilers

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Temperature of Love: 6 Minutes Preview + Sneak Peek to 5 Years Later


SBS is trying to kill us all. I’d have been satisfied with yesterday’s 30 minutes compilation of interview, press conference, BTS and preview of Temperature of Love. But no, in the morning they feed us a 6 minutes+ filled with spoiler preview.

Yes, I’m complaining, because it keeps raising my anticipation and distract me from drama duty, but I also must say just how much I looooovvveee their 5 years later unexpected reunion. Yang Se Jong looks To-Die-For and Seo Hyun Jin has become a strong-looking career woman with courage standing up and fight for herself.

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Temperature of Love BTS Making #1

Looking back weeks ago, people (including me) were complaining why there weren’t any news about Temperature of Love. Now? I think SBS has gone overboard with the promotion. LOL, sorry, SBS—we are extremely difficult to satisfy. Not that we don’t love seeing more about the show and are loving the interactions between Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Jo Boa and Kim Jae Wook, but the concerns are on the matter that the drama may not be fresh and as intriguing if too much is revealed before the actual air time.

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