Yang Se Jong Tells AtStar1: “SNS? I’ll Start When I Grow Up A Little Bit”


Oh yay, AtStar1 has finally released the March issue’s photoshoot for Yang Se Jong. In comparison to Se Jong’s first magazine shoot with them, this is a thousand times better in quality and visual, lol!

Collaborating with Jo Malone London, which specialises in perfume and scented candles, it’s looking quite obvious that Se Jong’s next new brand endorsement is Jo Malone. This will be his fifth new endorsement since he started garnering public attention in OCN’s Duel and SBS’s Temperature of Love.

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[Eng Trans] New Show Biz’s Full Interview with Yang Se Jong


In comparison to all the video clips I have seen, this is by far my favourite interview clip of Yang Se Jong. One would expect him to be more relax and talkative in interviews on home ground, since there are no communication barrier, but on the contrary, he seems to be more easy-going and comfortable in this Taiwanese interview. And because of this, his reactions and interactions with the interviewer was simply adorable. It’s a clip that’s worth taking a look… many more times.

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Buckaroo’s New Model — Yang Se Jong


Well hello, handsome! Together with AOA’s Hye Jeong, Buckaroo is Yang Se Jong‘s fourth endorsement since he debuted, and must say, boy looks yummylicious in denim. The outcome of this photoshoot is well done too, in the sense that there’s no screw up in lightings, photo editing etc., and most importantly shedding off his Temperature of Love‘s On Jeong Seon’s gentle demeanor by showing us another side of Se Jong we have not seen before.

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Rely on acting to heal his broken heart. Yang Se Jong made a wish to meet a good partner & have beautiful baby


NOWnews — titbits

The ticket sale of Yang Se Jong’s first fan meeting in Taiwan is selling well, and because of this, Yang Se Jong has promised to show us a different side of him. Currently, he is actively working hard in preparing for his performance and is definitely not going to let everyone down.

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Biases: What Are They Up To Now?


So what are my biases up to these days??? Let’s take a look.

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Yang Se Jong: Harper’s Bazaar x Samsonite Red


Yang Se Jong‘s third endorsement has revealed to be Samsonite Red. Therefore the photoshoot done in Berlin is a collaboration between Samsonite and Harper’s Bazaar.

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Harper’s Bazaar Shows A Never Been Seen Facet of Yang Se Jong

The photos of Yang Se Jong are finally published in January issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Previously they gave us a sneak peek of the B cut version, and now that we have the official’s, I can say job well done! They are one very delectable and enchanting set. It’s even better than any of his previous ones! It had to be, they went all the way to Berlin!

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Sneak Peak of Yang Se Jong in Harper’s Bazaar

DRALDf0UIAAM_nL.jpg large

B cut of Yang Se Jong‘s photoshoot in Berlin for Harper’s Bazaar Korea is released and I think it looks good! It’s the first for me to see B cuts before the ‘A’ cut i.e. official photos, so I hope the official is even better. Fingers and toes crossed.

This will be featured in the January issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

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Temperature of Love BTS Making Compilations


Temperature of Love‘s behind the scenes / makings all in one post.  ❤

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