Star Intro: Yang Se Jong, The Monster Rookie


Yang Se Jong (양세종) — a name that not very many know yet, and overseas media currently overlooked. It’s understandable since he only has three dramas under his belt, but even with just three, he has managed to snatch SBS’ attention and has been offered his first lead role due to his outstanding performances in latest drama, Duel.

Korean media gave him several nicknames too, and they didn’t stray too far off from the word ‘Monster’, LOL. ‘Monster actor’, ‘Monster rookie’, Monster newcomer, as well as ‘Yeongi Byeontae’ are one of the few. Continue reading “Star Intro: Yang Se Jong, The Monster Rookie”

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Yang Se Jong Prepares His Chef Role For Temperature of Love


At the moment SBS opted not to release any news on the script reading held on July 31 (yet) for upcoming drama, Temperature of Love. Since Yang Se Jong hasn’t reached the level of fame or popularity where he would get stalked everywhere he goes, it hadn’t been easy to find traces of him online after Duel. However, this one day felt like the happiest day ever when these pictures and video of him learning to cook went viral on SNS.

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Biases: What Are They Up To Now?

Biases Up to

My Drama Land is experiencing a bit of drought again. Most biases have completed their projects, and some are leaving for military services, whereas a couple of them are just taking their sweet honey time reviewing script offers. Meanwhile a few are busy with fan meetings. Damn those fan meet tours. And the good shows are coming to an end one week after another. Aish. Not happy. Not happy at all.

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Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong Confirmed for Temperature of Love


It’s confirmed! Former co-stars of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong return to headline SBS drama, Temperature of Love. Kim Jae Wook (Voice) was courted to play a supporting role, and he too, has confirmed. Adding to the casts are Jo Boa (Sweet Stranger & Me), Lee Mi Sook (Jealousy Incarnate) and Pyo Ji Hoon or P.O.

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