Dispatch Releases HD Photos of Yang Se Jong

I can’t say I know what this is all about and why all of a sudden Dispatch decided to drop a bomb filled with Yang Se Jong goodies on my lap, but *giggles* I am not going to say no to these pretty pictures. This must also means he caught Dispatch’s attention—is it a good and bad thing, I don’t know, we shall find out in the future.

Yang Se Jong is currently busy filming Temperature of Love.

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[English Translation] OCN’s 오덕터뷰terview with Yang Se Jong


Thank you OCN, for this short interview coverage of Yang Se Jong. Evidently, this was done whilst he filmed the finale episode of Duel as he is wearing the shirt Sung Joon wore in the last scene and in Sung Joon’s hairstyle.

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Star Intro: Yang Se Jong, The Monster Rookie


Yang Se Jong (양세종) — a name that not very many know yet, and overseas media currently overlooked. It’s understandable since he only has three dramas under his belt, but even with just three, he has managed to snatch SBS’ attention and has been offered his first lead role due to his outstanding performances in latest drama, Duel.

Korean media gave him several nicknames too, and they didn’t stray too far off from the word ‘Monster’, LOL. ‘Monster actor’, ‘Monster rookie’, Monster newcomer, as well as ‘Yeongi Byeontae’ are one of the few. Continue reading “Star Intro: Yang Se Jong, The Monster Rookie”


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Duel: The Bittersweet Finale


Duel has been another wonderful and awesome roller coaster joyride produced by OCN. The show was mind-blowing thanks to screenwriter and rookie actor, Yang Se Jong‘s outstanding and scenes-stealing performances. I really enjoy burning my brain and experiencing the high and low emotions along with our beloved clones—Sung Joon and Sung Hoon.

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It’s A Wrap: Duel


When there is a beginning, there is an end. The casts and crews of Duel gathered in a Korean BBQ restaurant last night for the wrap up party and they watch the final episode together.

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Micro Drama Reviews: July 2017


Now why can’t they spread out the goodness evenly?—we were lacking good shows earlier in the year, and now we are drown in so many awesomeness. But, no complains. I love the return of my biases in these shows and enjoying getting addicted to triple the goodness thanks to cloning.

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Duel Episode 15-16 Preview


First the casting news of Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin had me running around celebrating in heaven, then came Duel‘s episode 15-16 preview drag me down to hell. OCN, you are officially nicknamed Overly Cruel Network.

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Temperature of Love Calls Out Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong and Kim Jae Wook


Oh man, I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster. SBS upcoming drama, Temperature of Love, has decided to offer Yang Se Jong a lead role! Whaaaaa?! He hasn’t even wrapped up filming current drama, Duel. Seo Hyun Jin, of course, will be the female lead. Meanwhile, Kim Jae Wook is offered a supporting role.

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Duel: The Twists, Sung Joon, Sung Hoon and Sanyoung


Episode 13 Thoughts

Bravado to the screenwriter. OCN’s chase thriller drama, Duel, has proven to be one of the smartest mystery drama I’ve ever seen. Episode 13’s twist and revelation really blew me away. This show fell under the radar in its country, but thankfully the low rating didn’t affect its quality, and the plot just gets better and better. We have three episodes left, questions are getting answered and this episode has highlighted to us the script is well-thought-out, characters or scenes from the past are starting to link together and nothing is wasted, and that they were shown for a reason (i.e. if we exclude the PPL).


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