Original Soundtrack: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


jtBC drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will officially wrap next week. Farewell to our addictive Bong Bong and Min Min, portrayed by Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik respectively. I’ll miss them—lots. Never had I imagine they would make such adorable cute couple, but they did; and I’m happy because they make drama viewing sooo much more enjoyable, especially when the story fail to impress. As if wanting the show to end with a bang, uri CEO Ahn a.k.a Min Min / male lead / ZE:A idol, Park Hyung Sik is wrapping the show up with his last OST. The song can already be heard in this week’s episodes, where the lyrics sounded a lot like Ahn Min Hyuk confessing his undying love and heart for his Bong Soon.

Although I wouldn’t put them in the same rank as Goblin or Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, the drama OST isn’t too shabby.

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Goblin to Release 2-CDs OST on Feb 25


How awesome was episode 13 of Goblin last week despite having us bawling along with Eun Tak? Pretty awesome how the story turned out in my opinion. As we reach the near end of the drama, so are the soundtracks. To end with a bang, tvN is releasing the Original Sountrack that consist not only the already released OST singles, it is also including the background music / themes from the drama. In total, we will get 16 tracks in the album. Hmm, what’s new? Wait, of course there is more!

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Original Soundtrack: Goblin


Goblin (also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) has really attractive OSTs ever since it first aired. The songs are the kind that you will immediately find it pleasant to the ears and they are well used as BGM in boosting the atmosphere or emotion of a scene.

My current favourites are Stay with Me and Beautiful, and I’ve found some lovely piano covers too (page 2).  ❤

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Not Over with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds?


Suffering from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds withdrawal syndromes? How about listening to some of these awesome instrumental covers by various talented artists? Each artist interprets the songs/melodies differently so you get a variety of choices to choose from. To be honest, there are so much more renditions on YouTube, but I think 3 is a crowd and my ears are starting to protest if I subject them to more tonight…

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Original Soundtrack: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


Thank you Ou Entertainment for producing the background music and songs for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. The final Original Soundtrack is set to release on October 28, but will be available for order on October 17, 2016. The soundtrack is to come in a 2-CDs format. First CD will consist of 12 tracks sung by various artists, with the humming version of ‘Because I Mis You’ as the 13th track. The second CD consists of 16 instrumental background music from the drama.

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