The Best of… 2015

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All these end of year Drama Awards from MBC, KBS and SBS and famed Dramabeans have inspired me to make one up myself. I thought it will be fun, even though I did not anticipate it will take me hours to compile my own list of winners, and put up pretty images to go with it. The hardest, of course, is no doubt writing about it. That said, I tried my best, with the pathetic list of dramas I saw this year, and gave them all a recognition of my own.

Here goes nothing…

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Drama Review: She Was Pretty


It’s over. It really is over. *Slap self* — Ouch! Okay fine that hurts, it’s true then — the show has officially ended. *Sob* Can’t believe another enjoyable drama ended yet again. I don’t quite remember how I decided to watch this drama; it most definitely stemmed from boredom, since I remember this isn’t on my Must-Watch List. However once I got to episode 2, I was hooked. By the time I realised, I had marathoned all aired episodes, and is caught up with the current air time. She Was Pretty was really something.

Writer Jo Sung Hee did a  fantastic job writing romance comedy, especially the comedy part. I hadn’t cracked a LOL (and I mean literally) in any dramas or movies until this one came along. The show is hilarious, fun and you’ll walk away feeling happy.

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The Mysteries Behind She Was Pretty & The Possible Ending


Time flies; another good drama is about to end. She Was Pretty has been enjoyable thanks to the outstanding performances by Park Seo Joon, Choi Siwon and Hwang Jung Eum (minus the frustrating episode 11) .

Three more episodes left, and I can’t believe the answer to Kim Rara’s nephew is still not out of the bag. We also have two more mystery persons — the writer TEN and Leonard Kim. Continue reading “The Mysteries Behind She Was Pretty & The Possible Ending”

Baseball Match Chosen Over She Was Pretty

69429-364305BEWARE: This will be more of a ranting post.

As all She Was Pretty drama fans already know, episode 9 was postponed thanks to the baseball match. Hmph! I, for one, is not a sports fan — so obviously I am sad to find out today I have no She Was Pretty to watch and de-stress with. Imma needs to ROFL today, desperately so, and I want to see the hugging in the rain for my Umbrella couple — Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum). Double Hmph! Continue reading “Baseball Match Chosen Over She Was Pretty”

She Was Pretty: On to the Second Half of the Show

she_photo151008153004imbcdrama1This is sad, but time really flies, and we have reached the second ½ of She Was Pretty. 😦 From how it ends in episode 8, it’s as if we have reached the end of Chapter 1, and next week, we open up with a new chapter—a new beginning.

Chapter 1: The Beauty Inside the Ugly Duckling

Min Ha Ri (Go Joon Hee) is currently my least favourite at this point in time. Her selfishness has caused pain to herself, Hye Jin and Sung Joon. However, it is not her selfishness that I detest most—I can relate to her desire for Sung Joon’s heart, because I think that is a practical behaviour from a normal human being in real life. My problem with Ha Ri is the way she treated her playmate/boy-friend. Fine to me that both sides knew their relationship is ‘just for fun’, however, it’s common courtesy to at least let the other party know that she wants ‘out’. No? Continue reading “She Was Pretty: On to the Second Half of the Show”

New Stills & Spoiler for This Week’s She Was Pretty


Oh my god, can I just say the new stills are hilarious even to look at? It really up my anticipation  for this week’s episodes. I’m dying to know just how the two ended up dressing up as farmers when they’re supposed to be on a business trip for a ‘fashion’ magazine.

I am also dying to see the look on Kim Rara’s face if she EVER sees them. Well… I think this is pretty MOST-like to me. PWAHAHAHA! 😀 Continue reading “New Stills & Spoiler for This Week’s She Was Pretty”

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A Premature Analysis of She Was Pretty’s Ji Sung Joon

1443746662The backbone story of She Was Pretty, in my honest opinion, isn’t new. However, what made it click and tug at my heartstrings is none other than the characterisation of the main leads. The instrumental musics also play a big part. It really helps in lifting the mood, or enhance the comedic effect of a funny scene.

I would like to tackle on Sung Joon first because as I re-watch Episode 5 tonight, he was the one that inspired me and made my brain tick, and then more thoughts flow through for the other 3 characters.

  1. Ji Sung Joon

I think Sung Joon is probably the least likeable character at the moment, plainly because he is such an ass to Hye Jin. His character is also the least refreshing since he is the atypical asshole male lead that will turn into an angel in the end. However, I would agree to disagree. I believe there is more to him than just being an ass. It’s not that I want to defend him, but as we saw, he does have a gentle and friendly side whenever he is with Ha Ri. Continue reading “A Premature Analysis of She Was Pretty’s Ji Sung Joon”

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