Park Bo Gum Magic Returns with Kakao Page & Better Hair Style


I knew it! I knew Park Bo Gum could style his hair better. Doesn’t this hairstyle look so much more appealing, refreshing and neater? Showing his forehead is one of the tricks. If he beef up a little, with his looks and features, I sometimes imagine him as suitable for the role of Clark Kent aka Superman, LOL.

Judging from these newly released photos by Kakao Page, we should expect a second round of delicious Bo Gum attacking our screens soon. Those who secretly smooch the screen should make sure to remove your lipsticks this time, hehehe.

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Park Bo Gum Magic Returns with Kakao Page


Last year in 2016, we had an outbreak of Park Bo Gum fever. A new year has begun, but the “pandemic” does not appear to have subsided, LOL. The residents of South Korea (or ahjumma?) still can’t get enough of this boy. Since he signed more new CFs, I had to update an old post; I counted that in total he has about 20-25 CFs under his belt between 2016-2017. This definitely isn’t the highest for a celebrity, but it is pretty damn good for where he is now in terms of star status. I vaguely remember big Hallyu stars like Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho have once reach 20-30s inclusive of local and international CFs. Now I am interested to know how many Gong Yoo will get after the success of Goblin.

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Coffee, Tea or Gong Yoo?


The Maxim Kanu commercial that Gong Yoo shot in Sydney, Australia is released. Amazing the CF turns out so well when behind the scenes there were so much crowd and staff around watching him work. It would be so difficult to concentrate, but he’s look mighty handsome in it. There were many spoiler pictures on SNS for this ad because he was mobbed and stalked very badly that few days.

Just when we thought he’s done shooting, he’s spotted in Sydney again today! This time his schedule was all hush-hush. Nobody knew he flew out of South Korea or when he landed in Sydney until he was caught on camera in a café and at Sydney University.

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