First Peek! Lee Je Hoon Speaks English in I Can Speak


A-hahaha! The preview trailer between Lee Je Hoon and Na Moon Hee for I Can Speak is so cute. It looks really fun and looks to me the story may end up to be a very heart-warming budding friendship of two very different age group. Hehe.


The story is about an elderly woman Ok Na Boon (Na Moon Hee) who files endless compliants at a local office. Park Min Jae (Lee Je Hoon) works as a civil servant at that office and the two butted heads.

From the preview, it looks like Min Jae just about to have enough of her until one day she overhears him speak English. She then pesters him to teach her English. HAHAHA, I shouldn’t laugh but I can imagine how funny this is going to be, and fun to watch. It’s also curious why she wanted to learn English, and I’m expecting to cry about it when I learn the reason…

The movie is set to premiere some time in September 2017.

P.S. I think I Can Speak will be easier to enjoy more than Anarchist from Colony since the latter has a darker and heavier theme.

Source: Daum


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