Ssangmundong Friends to Lovers: Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri


Dispatch has done it again! Every time they ousted a celebrity couple or a celebrity scandal, the first thing come to mind is ‘What is South Korea trying to cover up this time?’ The ‘victims’ today are my precious Answer Me 1988 Ssangmundong kiddies, Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri.

Initial reaction: Woah.

Second reaction: Wait. Wait. Really?!

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Throwback Answer Me 1988


Oh my gosh, I felt my heart flutter and palpitate a little faster when I saw these pictures of Answer Me 1988 Ssamundong gang, Deok Sun and Taek in HD!!! What a treat. It was the picture that never had a clear version, and more…! Now. Let us all die one by one. Someone behind the line please bring along the defribillator to resuscitate us, thanks.

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Memorable Kiss Scenes 2016


2016 is a good year for kiss scenes. 😘

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Throw Back Answer Me 1988: Taekie & Deok Sun


Feeling sad that another good drama is about to end this week, and that led me to feel even more nostalgic when I came across these two lovely cute photos from Answer Me 1988. Why oh why good shows always have to end?

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Original Soundtrack: Answer Me 1988


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Gillette CF Featuring Ryu Jun Yeol & Lee Dong Hwi


Previously I have posted regarding Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Dong Hwi of Answer Me 1988 doing a Gillette razor CF, and now the CF is released. In the CF, they are still in their Answer Me characters, and for comical relief, Dong Ryong is rubbing salt on Jung Hwan’s wound concerning Deok Sun. LOL. What I would like to know is… when did Dong Ryong finds out? Pwahaha.

In reality (of the drama) i.e. to be true to Answer Me characters, Jung Hwan will take this secret to his grave, so there is no way Dong Ryong would ever find out, and has this chance to tease him. 😀 Continue reading “Gillette CF Featuring Ryu Jun Yeol & Lee Dong Hwi”


Park Bo Gum, Ahn Jae Hong, Go Kyung Pyo & Ryu Jun Yeol Spotted for Youth Over Flowers in Africa

Oh yay, we have first glimpse into behind the scenes filming of Youth Over Flowers in Africa. I already feel hot and sandy for the crews, and Answer Me 1988 boys—Park Bo Gum, Ahn Jae Hong, Go Kyung Pyo and Ryu Jun Yeol. They are in the desert somewhere of Namibia, and boy, it doesn’t look fun at all. So much walking to do, and it is super tough walking through sands. I am not sure whether it is better to wear sandals or shoes, either way, the sands will get into the shoes, and eventually, it will hurt.

I have spotted 3 boys, but not Go Kyung Pyo, or at least I can’t recognise him. It all seems like they look a lot more tanned than we remembered, LOL. Continue reading “Park Bo Gum, Ahn Jae Hong, Go Kyung Pyo & Ryu Jun Yeol Spotted for Youth Over Flowers in Africa”


NEWS FLASH! Na PD Kidnapped Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Pyo, Ryu Jun Yeol & Ahn Jae Hong for Youth Over Flowers!


OMG, hahahahahaha! This is one very awesome news! Our 3 Answer Me 1988 boys—Go Kyung Pyo, Ahn Jae Hong and Ryu Jun Yeol who supposedly are vacationing in Phuket, Thailand, have been kidnapped by the notorious Na PD, and sent off to film tvN’s Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Park Bo Gum had to fly back to South Korea today to host Music Bank, but he heads off right away to join the boys. Both Ryu Jun Yeol’s and Park Bo Gum’s agencies have confirmed this to be true, and that the boys won’t be home until early February. UPDATE: Latest news has it that they will visit Namibia, West Africa. Their mission is to get to Victoria waterfalls.

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Lee Dong Hwi & Ryu Jun Yeol Scouted for CFs


Thanks to the popularity of Answer Me 1988, Ssangmun-dong’s Lee Dong Hwi and Ryu Jun Yeol have become the models for Gillette razors. This reminds me when Answer Me 1994 ended, the two husband candidates Jung Woo and Yoo Yoon Seok also score a lot of CF deals. Good for the boys, and like I previously said, the biggest beneficiary is Ryu Jun Yeol. Continue reading “Lee Dong Hwi & Ryu Jun Yeol Scouted for CFs”


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