Jealousy Incarnate: Gong Hyo Jin’s Encounter with the Men of her Life in Thailand


Updated 2016.08.06: Added preview teaser 1

I am beginning to think SBS is at a huge disadvantage with Jealousy Incarnate coming in so late in the game with W: Two Worlds being so mind-bogglingly damn entertaining, and Uncontrollably Fond‘s angsty being ahjumma’s favourite side dishes every week.

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First Peek! Jo Jung Suk, Gong Hyo Jin & Go Kyung Pyo Return with Jealousy Incarnate


Hurrayyyy~ Chefunim is coming back! Will you look at that chest hidden behind the white shirt. ❤  And are we ready for more jealous Jo Jung Suk (Oh! My Ghostess) in SBS upcoming drama, Jealousy Incarnate? I know I am; he was so cute being all jealous the last time his boys are all over his girl.

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InStyle & Stars Shining Moment


Looks like InStyle has gone all out for their July issue; covering and capturing all the shining star moment from Baeksang. I am absolutely loving what I am seeing, and it’s not just because Park Bo Gum is in it, but also our Answer Me 1988 Ssangmundong chingu, as well as all other big shots / winners that night.

There are definitely moreeee pretty pictures of the stars, but I think we will need to buy the magazine if we want to see more. Right now let’s look at what has been publicized by InStyle as a teaser…

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52nd Baeksang Arts Awards


Last night I was adamant I won’t waste my time blogging on 52nd Baeksang Awards, but now that I saw these pretty pictures in HD, especially of the actors I admire, I succumb. I won’t be sharing the list of the winners, because that will only give me high blood pressure again. Instead, I am taking this as an excuse for all the busy Ssangmundong kids and parents to find time for a small reunion. And I am sure those who is truly interested knows where to find the list e.g. Google.

Without further ado, let us all go behind the scenes of these glamorous stars’ wardrobes for the night.

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