Biases: What Are They Up To Now?


So what are my biases up to these days??? Let’s take a look.

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Biases: What Are They Up To Now?

Biases Up to

My Drama Land is experiencing a bit of drought again. Most biases have completed their projects, and some are leaving for military services, whereas a couple of them are just taking their sweet honey time reviewing script offers. Meanwhile a few are busy with fan meetings. Damn those fan meet tours. And the good shows are coming to an end one week after another. Aish. Not happy. Not happy at all.

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MBC Releases W: Two Worlds Posters

KakaoTalk_20160707_140844168 KakaoTalk_20160707_140842732

W: Two Worlds need to come sooner. Now that the story of the drama became clearer, I can’t wait to see it. Turns out Han Hyo Joo‘s father is a webtoon artist, and Lee Jong Suk is the main character in the webtoon, W.

How intriguing is that? I ❤  this kind of scenarios in comic books! It’s so rare that these sort of stories get turned into a show, so boy oh boy, am I excited to see how it pans out. The only concern is how the show going to end this.

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Third Peek! MBC Spams us with More W Stills


I kind of wish I had waited one more day so that I didn’t have to create another post for W. MBC decided to flood and spam us with some more drama stills of (mostly) Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo, thinking they haven’t spoilered us enough.

If they give us some more, I am starting to think I can create my own story based on what I see, LOL. I could even try now, actually, on how the two leads meet. :p

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Second Peek! More Stills of Han Hyo Joo & Lee Jong Suk in W


It is getting more and more enticing when I read up about the premise for W. However, I am also equally scared and fear that this show might fail if the screen writer and production team cannot execute it all the way through.

The idea of a parallel universe + romance fantasy is seriously captivating; I really look forward to watching it unravel and woah me. Yet with South Korea’s live shooting system, I am not so confident that they are capable of pulling through such ambitious storyline / special effects (if there is) when they need to meet tight airing deadlines.

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InStyle & Stars Shining Moment


Looks like InStyle has gone all out for their July issue; covering and capturing all the shining star moment from Baeksang. I am absolutely loving what I am seeing, and it’s not just because Park Bo Gum is in it, but also our Answer Me 1988 Ssangmundong chingu, as well as all other big shots / winners that night.

There are definitely moreeee pretty pictures of the stars, but I think we will need to buy the magazine if we want to see more. Right now let’s look at what has been publicized by InStyle as a teaser…

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