Youth Over Flowers in Africa Ends & Casting News for Ssangmundong 5


The time has come to say goodbyes to my boys in Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Osen has dropped the bomb and announced that Episode 6 is the finale; a PD edition episode will air on April 1—where they meet up in Seoul and talk about the trip. So is this why there was a group photo with Na PD on the web a couple of days ago? By tradition, in this director’s cut, we should also see some unseen before footage. In that case, Na PD, please give me back the censored kiss scene(s) and Ryu Jun Yeol’s shower scene!

So where do our Ssangmundong 5+ go from here…?

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Drama Review: Answer Me 1988

On the back (from left): Yoo Jae Myung, Kim Sung Kyun, Kim Sun Young, Lee Il Hwa, Ra Mi Ran, Song Dong Il & Choi Moo Sung. Middle row (from left): Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Hyeri, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Seol & Lee Dong Hwi. Front (from left): Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Hye Young & Choi Sung Won.

Answer Me 1988 is the third installment of the Answer Me franchise produced by tvN, and to my surprise, turns out to be the best written. I still remember cringing at the thought of 80’s fashion, and how ugly they were, or how I would have allergies seeing it. Little did I know it brings back so much nostalgia from that era, and the simplicity of life back then became the ultimate winner for the storyline.

Everyone contributed to this drama with their best, and left the viewers with loving and lasting impression. It is hard to say goodbye, and I sort of wish this show would go on a little while longer, because there are still so many stories the writer can tell us about them. The journey of Answer Me 1988 characters has not ended because we have reached the finale episode, for them, it was the beginning of a new chapter. I wonder, if it’s possible, tvN ever considers a spin-off or even just a Special episode for Answer Me 1988?

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Answer Me 1988 Finale: Goodbye Youth. Goodbye Ssangmun-dong.


This drama is seriously the death of me. I haven’t cried this much watching a drama since Mari and her 3 Puppies. If episode 19 was bad, then the finale is worse—for my eyes, that is. From the moment I hit play, 5-10 minutes in, I already began crying, and this continues to the end. I thought I might go blind from too much crying.

I hate you, writer, for making me cry so much, but I love you too, for giving us Answer Me 1988 and the great casts. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Answer Me 1988: Episode 19 & Husband Revealed!


I feel like a crazy person when watching this episode. The show made me laugh, cry, laugh, and then cry again through to the end. Then of course in the middle, it just makes me smile widely, and my heart flutter. To sum it all up, it was one bittersweet episode.

Firstly, I was wrong about Ra Mi Ran being pregnant, LOL, having misled by Answer Me 1994. Whilst my time hasn’t come yet, but the show ensures I go through the ups and downs that Ra Mi Ran felt in the last part of the show. I (and the characters) were all in a mess—one moment laughing, and the next, we were crying. I really love this episode. It brings back the one thing I love about this show the most—the emphasis of the union of a family or families, friendships and relationships.

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Answer Me 1988: Who is the Mystery Husband Part 3


With one week and two episodes left, the mystery behind who Deok Sun’s husband is has cleared up a lot. But drama fans are still split into two, arguing against the obvious (or not?), even though the new developments suggest otherwise. Others are obviously crushed.

So which of these two boys is it? In my previous posts, I believed the hubby is Jung Hwan, but I think after 18 episodes, and the development from this week, it seems like the husband is our Choi Taek-9 dans, because many more hints pointed towards Taek.

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Gibberish-Blab: Answer Me 1988 Episode 17


As we watch this drama, we have followed these kids through thick and thins, and I happily announce that when we welcome 1994, these kids are still best of friends, and about to gather together to celebrate Taek’s birthday once again in tonight’s episode. *Shedding a tear* Imma just so happy their bonds are still intact and strong.

It isn’t an episode without development of the loveline entirely, on the contrary, it is an episode where they go off their separate ways, and grow up. There are 2 major surprise, or at least 1.5 of unexpected surprise for me in this episode. Enough for me to get overly excited all night, and wake up still lacking sleep. Answer Me 1988, what drugs are you to be able to do this to me? Continue reading “Gibberish-Blab: Answer Me 1988 Episode 17”

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