53rd Baeksang Arts Awards


Snap! Here are our 53th Baeksang Art Award winners.

Frankly, it was the most boring Baeksang I had seen. I get bored from time to time watching these award shows because of the language barrier; however, this year’s Baeksang was boredom on a whole new level. It began at the red carpet where not one single star *wow* the floor. The dresses were all a big MEH.

I was contemplating of quitting the live streaming if it were not of Park Bo Gum with his little *BLUR* but cute stunt, and later the three crabs moves. After this, the show did get a little bit more interesting since it was time to announce the Best Actor and Actress awards.

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53th Baeksang Arts Awards Nominees


The vicious cycle starts again with 53th Baeksang Art Awards as they recently release the nomination lists. Almost every year I go on a rampage at the results for South Korea’s Award Shows, but I can’t ignore because I am a sucker for seeing stars dressing up prettily on the red carpet. I love seeing biases or drama couples I adore reunite and appear together for their nominated projects. This year’s Baeksang is as highly anticipated as 2014’s when I was infatuated with You Who Came From the Star.

Let’s take a look at the nominees for this year. I have chosen my winners in light blue, hehe.

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U Weekly: Park Bo Gum — Answer Me, Hollywood


Singapore’s U Weekly issue no. 586 features Park Bo Gum on the cover as he accepts a private interview for the magazine.

The name ‘Park Bo Gum’ means “Holy Sword shining on earth”. Whether or not it shines on earth we shall not know, but one thing is certain, this “Bo Gum” (Literal translation: Precious Sword) is like a small sun that shines on countless girls’ hearts.

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Park Bo Gum’s Exclusive Interviews with Taiwanese Media


Update 29/11/2016: Added two more articles by Mirror Media & Apple Daily

Park Bo Gum is visited and interviewed by Taiwanese press today in Seoul because Moonlight Drawn by Clouds will begin airing on December 1 in Taiwan. Funnily, there weren’t any questions asked in relation to the drama, LOL, but I really don’t mind since we’ve read enough from the Korean press. There are a few new stuff, so let’s look at these interesting Q&As, albeit there are repetition, but I included it anyway because the description from the articles are different.

Other than the Q&A, seriously, no one should miss or ignore these gorgeously taken pictures by the press, or whoever this photographer is. Imma love him/her very much right now. LOLLL

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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Photo Eassy Published in Chinese


Update 2016.12.10: Announcement of pre-order gifts

*Hurray*~ for those who has missed out on that bloody thick photo book released by KBS for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, you still have a chance to grab a copy. Reading Times Taiwan [時報文化] has the copyright for printing, and will be releasing the Taiwanese version on December 30. They have planned for a pre-order on December 14 on various online shops.

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Not Over with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds?


Suffering from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds withdrawal syndromes? How about listening to some of these awesome instrumental covers by various talented artists? Each artist interprets the songs/melodies differently so you get a variety of choices to choose from. To be honest, there are so much more renditions on YouTube, but I think 3 is a crowd and my ears are starting to protest if I subject them to more tonight…

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Drama Review: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (also known as Love in the Moonlight) is an adaptation of South Korean web novel of the same name. The live action drama stars young rising talents such as Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung, Jin Young, Kwak Dong Yeon, Chae Soo Bin and is supported by many other veteran actors. The drama is a fusion sageuk with a contemporary theme, and is widely advertised as teen romance with light politics. The story inspired by Crown Prince Hyomyeong from the Joseon era, about the tale of his personal life and his struggle as a Regent ruler.

If you are new to historical drama, and enjoys cute romance or bromance and little politics—this will be it. However, I do warn of the danger of developing high standards in visuals after completing this drama.

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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds BTS Making #9

CvH8SkNVIAApMCo.jpg large

It’s a wrap! Congratulations to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds team for all the hard work and dedication now that the drama has come to an end. All their hard work paid off, so it is considered a gratifying end for all casts and crews. This will most likely be the last BTS Making films from KBS, unless they decided to be generous again, which I dout it. Time to save up for the DVDs if you are looking for more.

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