Movie Review: Cook Up A Storm


Cook Up a Storm (決戰食神) is a Hong Kong movie specially catered to premiere during Lunar Chinese New Year early this year 2017. The comedy film comprise of various actors from different country and Chinese regions. We have actor Nicholas Tse from Hong Kong, Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE from South Korea, Ge You and Tiffany Tang from China.

It has been a long time since I have watched a Hong Kong movie. They haven’t made many quality movies or dramas, and hence, we broke up. If it weren’t for Jung Yong Hwa and his disappearance from the screen for almost 3 years, I wouldn’t be bothered. Besides, from the preview trailer, the show didn’t look that bad…

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Movie Review: Chronicles of Evil

The Chronicles of Evil is Park Seo Joon‘s debut movie that garner him a nomination for Best New Actor from this year’s Daejong and Blue Dragon Awards. He did not win, but it piqued my interest to see how well he performed in it. And I was pleasantly surprised that I quite enjoy the whole thing. The movie is led by veteran actor Son Hyun Joo (Three Days) with supporting actors Ma Dong Suk (Bad Guys), Choi Daniel (Big Man), and Park Seo Joon (She Was Pretty).

If you fancy mystery crime thriller, or just fancy Park Seo Joon, then this may just be the movie for you 😀

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Movie Review: Wonderful Nightmare

d55160aba12b379d6f8ab56cb59b6b8015e5ec33Wonderful Nightmare is a heart-warming and feel-good movie that teach and remind us the importance of love; it tells us to cherish our loved ones everyday, yet doesn’t forget to provide entertainment along the way.

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