Micro Drama Reviews: May 2018

The new won’t come if the old ones don’t go. Some of these dramas are welcome with ‘good ridden’, while some obviously were so good you wish it didn’t have to end because it’s only a new beginning…

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Micro Drama Reviews: April 2018

It has been a long time since the last post on dramas. With some time off thanks to the Easter holiday, I found some time and energy to express how I feel about the current and completed dramas in summary.

P.S. Most of these dramas are in their early stage of airing, therefore the review is only “first impression”.

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First Peek! Kim Soo Hyun is Badass in Real Movie Teaser and Posters


Oh my god, how exciting. We finally have something from Kim Soo Hyun‘s new movie, Real. It felt like eternity just waiting as they kept it so secretive. Not that I don’t love secretive. The less spoilers the better I say because I don’t know what to expect, and when one don’t have expectation, it will yield better result.

Kim Soo Hyun looks so badass in the teaser. I didn’t expect to see him kicking so much ass so it’s a surprise. It didn’t seem like it’s the same as the sypnosis anymore, but you know what, I don’t care… just air it now and we’ll be the judge of it.

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Legend of the Blue Sea Posters & Stills


Writer of You Who Came From the Star, Park Ji Eun teams up with director of City Hunter and Master SunJin Hyuk, making a grand return with new drama, Legend of the Blue Sea. Joining them are two hallyu stars, Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho. OMG, I can’t believe it’s really happening! It felt like yesterday I was watching Chun Song Yi drives Do Min Joon up the wall, LOL. Gosh I miss the alien couple, and now we are looking at future mermaid couple.

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Lee Min Ho to challenge two roles in The Legend of the Blue Sea


I am sure everybody knows the news of SBS upcoming drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea (working title) stars two of South Korea’s, if not the most, but very popular and well-known actors Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun.

Welcome back, Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun.

Their names combine, are enough to cause a huge wave of ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’, but add the following two, then we might want to expect a tidal wave: the script is penned by Park Ji Eun, the one who wrote the sensational alien-human romance sci-fi drama—You Who Came from the Star, that resulted in world-wide phenomenal feverish craze. To top it all off, SBS has hired Jin Hyuk as the director, who has several successful dramas under his belt.

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Moon Lover Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Releases Intense & Blood-Spattering Teasers


UPDATE: 2016.08.15 Added new teaser & stills

Moon Lover Scarlet Heart: Ryeo releases its first official teaser preview and group character poster today, just as Moonlight Drawn by Clouds release its third teaser. So the battle begins hey?—Narratively speaking for the storyline of the drama as well as between broadcasting stations.

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Drama Review: Answer Me 1988

On the back (from left): Yoo Jae Myung, Kim Sung Kyun, Kim Sun Young, Lee Il Hwa, Ra Mi Ran, Song Dong Il & Choi Moo Sung. Middle row (from left): Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Hyeri, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Seol & Lee Dong Hwi. Front (from left): Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Hye Young & Choi Sung Won.

Answer Me 1988 is the third installment of the Answer Me franchise produced by tvN, and to my surprise, turns out to be the best written. I still remember cringing at the thought of 80’s fashion, and how ugly they were, or how I would have allergies seeing it. Little did I know it brings back so much nostalgia from that era, and the simplicity of life back then became the ultimate winner for the storyline.

Everyone contributed to this drama with their best, and left the viewers with loving and lasting impression. It is hard to say goodbye, and I sort of wish this show would go on a little while longer, because there are still so many stories the writer can tell us about them. The journey of Answer Me 1988 characters has not ended because we have reached the finale episode, for them, it was the beginning of a new chapter. I wonder, if it’s possible, tvN ever considers a spin-off or even just a Special episode for Answer Me 1988?

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