Biases: What Are They Up To Now?


So what are my biases up to these days??? Let’s take a look.

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Biases: What Are They Up To Now?

Biases Up to

My Drama Land is experiencing a bit of drought again. Most biases have completed their projects, and some are leaving for military services, whereas a couple of them are just taking their sweet honey time reviewing script offers. Meanwhile a few are busy with fan meetings. Damn those fan meet tours. And the good shows are coming to an end one week after another. Aish. Not happy. Not happy at all.

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Memorable Kiss Scenes 2016


2016 is a good year for kiss scenes. 😘

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Micro Drama Reviews: October – November 2016


Saw a few dramas I enjoyed and a few I didn’t, so I just want to spazz about the good ones, as well as rant a little of the bad.

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Progress of Latest Drama Watching — July 2016


Farewell to Oh Hae Young, and welcome to more new shows. It is sad to let the good show go, and even harder when there are no drama at the moment that can replace it. As previously mentioned, there is no way I have time to write individual reviews; thus, the best I could do is compiled both spazzing and ranting into one post. Note: Rants will definitely overshadow the spazzing.

Note: this post contains spoilers.

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Permanet Resident in Dramaland for the next 5-6 Months


Oh shit. How am I going to juggle between real life and drama life from now on for the next 5-6 months?

My schedule is super jam packed with the following dramas:

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52nd Baeksang Arts Awards


Last night I was adamant I won’t waste my time blogging on 52nd Baeksang Awards, but now that I saw these pretty pictures in HD, especially of the actors I admire, I succumb. I won’t be sharing the list of the winners, because that will only give me high blood pressure again. Instead, I am taking this as an excuse for all the busy Ssangmundong kids and parents to find time for a small reunion. And I am sure those who is truly interested knows where to find the list e.g. Google.

Without further ado, let us all go behind the scenes of these glamorous stars’ wardrobes for the night.

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Squad 38 Releases New Posters


I really don’t want to blog a new post—because I ❤ being greeted by the beautiful fan art of Joseon Park Bo Gum whenever I come onto the blog. I contemplated making that post stick to the top page all the time (until I get sick of it), but I shouldn’t, and I think it is time the dongsaeng make way for his hyung, Seo In Guk and new OCN drama, Squad 38.

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First Peek! Squad 38 by Seo In Guk & Ma Dong Suk


Since little dongsaeng’s drama won’t air until some time August, at least I can look forward to his hyung’s, Seo In Guk (I Remember You), upcoming OCN drama, 38 Task Force (or Squad 38). Instead of playing a criminologist, this time, he is a criminal. What a twist of fate 😛

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