Yang Se Jong Prepares His Chef Role For Temperature of Love


At the moment SBS opted not to release any news on the script reading held on July 31 (yet) for upcoming drama, Temperature of Love. Since Yang Se Jong hasn’t reached the level of fame or popularity where he would get stalked everywhere he goes, it hadn’t been easy to find traces of him online after Duel. However, this one day felt like the happiest day ever when these pictures and video of him learning to cook went viral on SNS.

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Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong Confirmed for Temperature of Love


It’s confirmed! Former co-stars of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong return to headline SBS drama, Temperature of Love. Kim Jae Wook (Voice) was courted to play a supporting role, and he too, has confirmed. Adding to the casts are Jo Boa (Sweet Stranger & Me), Lee Mi Sook (Jealousy Incarnate) and Pyo Ji Hoon or P.O.

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Temperature of Love Calls Out Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong and Kim Jae Wook


Oh man, I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster. SBS upcoming drama, Temperature of Love, has decided to offer Yang Se Jong a lead role! Whaaaaa?! He hasn’t even wrapped up filming current drama, Duel. Seo Hyun Jin, of course, will be the female lead. Meanwhile, Kim Jae Wook is offered a supporting role.

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53rd Baeksang Arts Awards


Snap! Here are our 53th Baeksang Art Award winners.

Frankly, it was the most boring Baeksang I had seen. I get bored from time to time watching these award shows because of the language barrier; however, this year’s Baeksang was boredom on a whole new level. It began at the red carpet where not one single star *wow* the floor. The dresses were all a big MEH.

I was contemplating of quitting the live streaming if it were not of Park Bo Gum with his little *BLUR* but cute stunt, and later the three crabs moves. After this, the show did get a little bit more interesting since it was time to announce the Best Actor and Actress awards.

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Sold by OCN’s Duel Latest Teaser!


I am interested in Duel solely of Yang Se Jong (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim) and the premise that he is playing dual roles. Usually these kind of roles would mean a huge challenge in acting; an opportunity to shine; a test to one’s acting capability—thus, I am all ready to sit and wait for him to impress. Seeing the latest teaser heightens the anticipation even more. The teaser shows us two very different Yang Se Jong facing off each other at a train station: one is wearing an evil smirk, holding a gun whilst the other had a bruised, worn out face with fearful tears in both eyes.

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