Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 6 (Final)


Awesome, I was hoping a picture of this group shot will be posted, and they managed to get a nice shot with Victoria Falls as the backdrop. Due to lighting beyond my capability of repairing, we can’t see the beauty of the waterfalls, but it does not matter—this particular picture is about the youth and journey of our boys: Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and maknae, Park Bo Gum. And lets hustle together (mentally) and cheer: Kamsahamnida, Youth Over Flowers in Africa! Hip Hip Hurrayyyy \(^o^)/~~~~the boys complete their mission and have one more day to spare—to do scary activities.

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Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 5


In this episode, Youth Over Flowers in Africa  is all about Victoria Falls. It only appear in the last 20 minutes, but it is what is really stick in the mind after watching. When the first view of the waterfalls enter the eyes of Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum, it was nothing but extravagance and surreal. There are greens, the beautiful blue skies with white cotton-like clouds, the waterfalls and a rainbow. The view of the waterfalls was a very touching moment, and had me in tears. If Jae Hong thought the view he saw at Etosha Waterhole made him feel tiny, then Victoria Falls would be the view that render me feeling non-existence in this universe.

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Youth Over Flowers In Africa: Episode 3

Youth Over Flowers in Africa episode 3’s rating drops to 10%. Hmmmmm, I wonder why. Have my boys started to lose their appeals?—But it is fair to say that this episode is less interesting compared to episode 2, where a lot of time is spent in the car or on the road, but it it is not one without any event or lack of cute. The upside is the amount of nekkidness topping the chart in this episode. We will have even more from the looks of episode 4 preview. 😀

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Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 2

Ahhh~ my boys. I ❤ my boys. I love that they are so camera-comfortable, and because of this we get to see so much moreeee. However, I have one complaint—I find the editing of Youth Over Flowers in Africa chaotic. I hate the scenes jumping around so much to point out something that happens in the future; it looks messy. It would have been better if they emphasise it later, instead of rushing it to let us know how for example, a great cook Ahn Jae Hong is. Apart from this messy editing, it is another extremely enjoyable episode. Note: I did not intend for this to turn into a recap, but there is just so much information in this episode I wanted to record down.

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Friday Means Youth Over Flowers in Africa!

Thank god it’s Friday. Finally I get to see my boys on-screen again. It is tough not having any addictive, good dramas airing at the moment (except Signal) after Answer Me 1988 ended.

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Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 1 + Teasers


Finally we have a second poster, but would it kill them to release more, and why the quality of the poster is so bad? I want to PS it, but then I’m too lazy to bother…

I love the first episode of Youth Over Flowers in Africa. I don’t know if it is because I love the Answer Me boys more, but I find episode 1 a lot more interesting than last season’s Iceland. There are  more planning and plotting in this season by Na PD, and the 3 boys’ reactions were hilariously classic — a mixture of disbelief, frightened and even crying. Note: This isn’t a recap. It’s just one of my gibberish blab and random thoughts.

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Are We Ready for Youth Over Flowers in Africa?


Are we ready for a season of Youth Over Flowers in Africa? Because I am! But, so unfair. The Iceland version had several official posters released, but why the our Answer Me 1988‘s Ssangmun-dong boys only have one?

It is airing live in about 15 minutes, but don’t care, just release more posters to make me happy, please. I miss the boys, and I miss my Bogummy. Continue reading “Are We Ready for Youth Over Flowers in Africa?”

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