Park Hyung Sik’s Cute Reaction In Apple Daily Taiwan’s Interview


It has been a while since I last posted about Park Hyung Sik. I didn’t forget him, but I did get distracted by someone else, hehe. It’s not my fault though because this boy decided to follow his new sunbae’s footsteps and plays ninja by disappearing from the surface of the earth after wrapping up Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

He then began touring to Taiwan and Thailand for fan meetings. It’s the best when stars visited Taiwan as it makes life easier for me since I don’t need to rely on other fansites’ translations and enjoy articles and videos on my own. I particularly liked and enjoyed this one clip from Apple Daily Taiwan because of Hyung Sik’s cute reactions.

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U Weekly: Park Bo Gum — Answer Me, Hollywood


Singapore’s U Weekly issue no. 586 features Park Bo Gum on the cover as he accepts a private interview for the magazine.

The name ‘Park Bo Gum’ means “Holy Sword shining on earth”. Whether or not it shines on earth we shall not know, but one thing is certain, this “Bo Gum” (Literal translation: Precious Sword) is like a small sun that shines on countless girls’ hearts.

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Park Bo Gum’s Exclusive Interviews with Taiwanese Media


Update 29/11/2016: Added two more articles by Mirror Media & Apple Daily

Park Bo Gum is visited and interviewed by Taiwanese press today in Seoul because Moonlight Drawn by Clouds will begin airing on December 1 in Taiwan. Funnily, there weren’t any questions asked in relation to the drama, LOL, but I really don’t mind since we’ve read enough from the Korean press. There are a few new stuff, so let’s look at these interesting Q&As, albeit there are repetition, but I included it anyway because the description from the articles are different.

Other than the Q&A, seriously, no one should miss or ignore these gorgeously taken pictures by the press, or whoever this photographer is. Imma love him/her very much right now. LOLLL

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Elle Taiwan Releases Short Teaser Clip of Park Bo Gum


Update: Added Mickey Huang’s comments about Bo Gum 3 days later after the FM.

ELLE Taiwan seriously knows how to tease the fans. Instead of releasing the full interview with video and pretty pictures, they decided to be a pot stirrer by releasing a 1 minute+ preview clip of uri Park Bo Gum late at night. So.Damn.Naughty.

… and obviously, we all take the bait! Sighhhhh~~

But honestly, how can we not? It was new to what we have been seeing lately. This clip consists of short glimpses of him getting ready and posing for the camera. He is also seen very comfortable during the interview—which is good—this means if the reporter knows what to ask, then we will get some new and interesting article to read, soon. I do hope the reporter ask new questions, I mean new not stupid questions, because I am getting quite bored of all repetitive questions released in media lately.

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