Answer Me 1988: Episode 19 & Husband Revealed!


I feel like a crazy person when watching this episode. The show made me laugh, cry, laugh, and then cry again through to the end. Then of course in the middle, it just makes me smile widely, and my heart flutter. To sum it all up, it was one bittersweet episode.

Firstly, I was wrong about Ra Mi Ran being pregnant, LOL, having misled by Answer Me 1994. Whilst my time hasn’t come yet, but the show ensures I go through the ups and downs that Ra Mi Ran felt in the last part of the show. I (and the characters) were all in a mess—one moment laughing, and the next, we were crying. I really love this episode. It brings back the one thing I love about this show the most—the emphasis of the union of a family or families, friendships and relationships.

The show starts off in January 2016, future Deok Sun and Hubby were asked when they began to date; Deok Sun explains it started slowly, bit by bit, and the big question arrives: when was their first kiss? To which, both exclaim 2 different timings. HAHAHA. I am surprised the writer has revealed so quick, and early in this episode to be honest. I thought she was going to torture us, and only reveal it at the end of the episode, or even the finale. However, no complaints, I like how she planned it this way too.

Back to 1994, Taek takes a spoonful of his breakfast and lifts his head to find his two adorable parents resting their heads on both their hands, happily watch him eat. Awww. So darn cute all three of them.

Apparently Taek wakes up super early to visit Jung Hwan at Sacheon, where he is stationed. Jung Hwan happily greets Taek and feed him lunch. Before Taek could finish what he came to say, Jung Hwan cuts him off and tells him to grab hold of Deok Sun. Awww. It means so much to us, as viewers, to see Jung Hwan now able to give his blessing. Six years ago, both boys held their feelings back because they love each other. Six years later, they have grown up enough and are able to face their feelings, and are willing to face the test of friendship head-on.

Looking back previous episodes, the writer never intended Jung Hwan to be the Hubby. She trolls us with the idea, that’s certain, because the guessing game is part of the Answer Me franchise. Other than that, she wanted Jung Hwan to grow up—learn to open up, actively share/show his feelings. We have been introduced from the beginning, Jung Hwan is a quiet character where he hides his thoughts and feelings from his loved ones. His own mother wishes he can be more responsive to the family. He is the ‘actions speak louder than words’ kind of guy; hence, as sweet as he can be, he has difficulty expressing himself. Writer wanted him to change by making him fall in love with Deok Sun—to realise that if he doesn’t pluck up the courage and actively show it, he will not get what he wants. After this realisation, we see Jung Hwan a bit more grown up in episode 19. What he did for his parents at the end of this episode was super duper sweet, and I have always love this side of his character, and not forgetting to mention, also loving every bit of his conversations with Jung Bong.

Sun Woo and Bora got back together, and the cat is out of the bag for their relationship with the other kids, too. Their reunion kiss is hot, but my favourite part of course has to be when Sun Woo charges into Taek’s room, outsts himself, and receives multiple punches and kicks from Dong Ryong and Deok Sun. So funny. Taek is getting good at lying without batting an eyelid, LOL. I just love how he shuffles away from the gang-beating, and even evil enough to close the door on Sun Woo. BWAHAHAHA.

I feel bad for Dong Ryong, for being in the dark for 6 years, but then those that watches the drama closely will notice even though it is a gang of 5 kids—it is obvious that Sun Woo and Taek are closer, and then there’s Deok Sun and Taek. Due to Jung Hwan’s difficulty in showing affections, he even has trouble giving Taek a good, full hug, so I am unsure who he feels most comfortable with (most likely Dong Ryong), and he is seen awkward with Deok Sun as well. As close as they are since young, they aren’t very intimate, and there is not much skinship. However, Taek and Deok Sun are completely comfortable with one another, and have many skinships throughout the show. This is indeed one big hint towards their budded relationship.

I have always believed that Taek likes Deok Sun eon years ago, waaaayyy before Jung Hwan or Sun Woo start crushing on Deok Sun and Bora—he’s mentally older, let’s not forget that. Taek is clear about his feelings for Deok Sun from day 1, this I am certain, it’s just that he chooses not to act on it, since they were still young. As for Deok Sun, because she grows up with 4 boys, her feelings for them are much more fuzzy—they are all friends and family to her, but we can see that she has special bond with Taek that even she herself did not realise until much later.

In this episode, it was revealed that the 69 kiss is actually real (Oh yeah!), but she was too scared to admit it. Her answer to concealing this kiss from Taek also shows us that she has never given a second thought about being awkward with Sun Woo and Jung Hwan, but somehow, she refuses to risk breaking her harmonic relationship/friendship with Taek just in case that kiss means nothing—this says a lot of how she truly feels about Taek.

Their second kiss was just as good as their first. Okay I lied, this one is better because Park Bo Gum is really kissing back. It was a decisive, manly move, too. It’s these kind of moments, that shows how in charge Taek can be when he wants to, even though 99% of the time, he follows behind Deok Sun to wherever she goes/wants to do. The kiss was good, and so was their first couple’s hug.

In this episode, we also get to finally meet Mi Ok’s scary father, who isn’t scary at all. I wonder if it is because he has mellowed down. The good news is Mi Ok is now given the green light to date. Asian families, they are all the same. They all want their kids to concentrate on studies before thinking about romance or dating. It also looks like Jung Bong’s dream isn’t in law, with a little encouragement from Mi Ok, looks like he is going to do something else relating to food in future. We’ll find out what tonight—food critic, perhaps?

Moving away from the “all grown up kids“, their parents face a new beginning in their life—a new chapter. Ra Mi Ran faces menopause and Deok Sun’s Appa receives redundancy package disguises as ‘early retirement’ from the bank, because he’s too old now. It is all part of our normal life as we get older, but it is all new to these parents, too. It puts me to tears just thinking about it, and how they show support for one another.

I was in a huge mess when Deok Sun reads out their Thank You gift to Appa when live-streaming, and I was again when I watch it with subtitles. I am now exhausted, emotionally and mentally, and no, not exaggerating at all. LOL. Seriously, one cannot simply watch this show without a box of tissue paper around.

I will now end this post in hopes that the finale will break the rating record of 20%. I am just in awe that as a cable tv drama, the rating is this high compared to back in 2013, whereby people are saying 2-3% is considered very good for a cable tv drama. Now we’re looking at 18.9% for episode 19: the highest any tvN drama has ever achieved. This is  an excellent achievement for the casts and crews. And in return, tvN has treated the casts and crews to a vacation at Phuket, Thailand, after the show wraps tonight.


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  1. I’m so sad this beautiful drama has finally ended 😦 And I’m officially trolled by the writers haha, I’m not gonna complain tho. Because I realized, we shouldn’t focused only on the love story, this is family drama after all, not romance drama. I’m sad seeing a lot of people hating on this beautiful drama just because their ship isn’t canon 😦 Why can’t they see how TxDS relationship grow beautifully, naturally. It’s hard for me too as team Junghwan ofc. But shipper aside, if you watch this drama without being biased towards certain couple, you actually can see how much writer-nim gives us hints about taek being DS’s husband.
    Anyway, I do think the cutest scene in this episode was the SW charges into T’s room scene haha Nice review as always~


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