Micro Drama Reviews: August 2017

August Drama Review 2017

End of July to August is a pretty meh times. Took me forever to complete this. Several times I wanted to trash it, but didn’t want the effort to go to waste. I’m watching these dramas, but find it really hard to get into them. Some episodes I could be totally into it, and the next week, I’m out. None of them are really crack drama material, but I’m soldiering on till next month and hope I’ll find a crack by then.

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53rd Baeksang Arts Awards


Snap! Here are our 53th Baeksang Art Award winners.

Frankly, it was the most boring Baeksang I had seen. I get bored from time to time watching these award shows because of the language barrier; however, this year’s Baeksang was boredom on a whole new level. It began at the red carpet where not one single star *wow* the floor. The dresses were all a big MEH.

I was contemplating of quitting the live streaming if it were not of Park Bo Gum with his little *BLUR* but cute stunt, and later the three crabs moves. After this, the show did get a little bit more interesting since it was time to announce the Best Actor and Actress awards.

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53th Baeksang Arts Awards Nominees


The vicious cycle starts again with 53th Baeksang Art Awards as they recently release the nomination lists. Almost every year I go on a rampage at the results for South Korea’s Award Shows, but I can’t ignore because I am a sucker for seeing stars dressing up prettily on the red carpet. I love seeing biases or drama couples I adore reunite and appear together for their nominated projects. This year’s Baeksang is as highly anticipated as 2014’s when I was infatuated with You Who Came From the Star.

Let’s take a look at the nominees for this year. I have chosen my winners in light blue, hehe.

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More Teasers from The K2 & BTS Making

Some of these teasers are pure fan service for Ji Chang Wook‘s fans, but not complaining at all. Hehehe. The latest teasers out are slightly more comprehensive, as well as interesting. There are so many teasers suddenly surfacing, I have lost count on the numbers released by tvN for The K2. Life of a drama fan isn’t easy especially now I have so many waiting in-line to catch up each weekend.

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BTS Making of The K2 Teasers with Topless Ji Chang Wook, Song Yoon Ah & Yoona


Now this is weird. How is it that there is not one single screenshot of topless Ji Chang Wook from The K2 on the internet? Orrrr…I’m just not looking in the right place? I supposed it also suggests that I should not screenshot and upload it for the health of all fangirls. Wouldn’t want a pile of dead girls on my front door the next day, metaphorically speaking. Whatever is the reason for the lack of Wookie’s abs, to ensure that I don’t come across too byeontae; I shall let you all check ’em out yourself. Enjoy!

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tvN Drops An Extremely Short The K2 Teaser


UPDATED: 2016.09.04 Individual Character Teasers

Oh~la~la~ isn’t that a very handsome bodyguard? We now have split second visual of tvN’s upcoming drama, The K2 and its leads, Ji Chang Wook and Yoona. I’m liking what I see just from this shot. Technically, I can’t resist a handsome man on screen, plus Ji Chang Wook is a pretty good actor too, just that he hasn’t earned the place he rightfully deserves in South Korea yet.

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