Ariel Lin Partnering Up with Rhydian Vaughan in My Egg Boy


A new Taiwanese movie named My Egg Boy 《我的蛋男情人》 hits the theatres today, starring Ariel Lin and Rhydian Vaughan. I have good feeling about this one, and immediately from the previews I believes Ariel partnering up with Rhydian will create brand new sparkles on-screen, just like when she was with Joe Chang (It Started with a Kiss) and Bolin Chen (In Time with You).

This movie somewhat targeted at telling the stories of the modern working women who face the same issue as Ariel’s character, and I like that we get this weird, but yet insightful discussions between the heroine and her frozen egg-man. It very much gives me the vibe that I will be watching another intellectual piece of artwork much like In Time with You, only it is in movie format. The cinematography is also another alluring factor.

The movie is quite simple; nothing extraordinary, of the heroine Zhen Mei Bao (Ariel Lin) reaching the mature age where she should live the life of how everybody elses’ live, i.e. find a man and start a family. She believes frozen foods can provide comfort to those who is unable to enjoy fresh foods, and she also looks forward to love that can be frozen in time, just like the frozen foods, so that there will never be an expiry date. Unfortunately, she falls for Ah Shi (Rhydian Vaughan), who loves his food fresh, and only believes in ‘now is the moment’.

When ‘Frozen’ meets ‘Fresh’, a romantic debate of preserving love begins!

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

I never imagine a pairing of Rhydian and Ariel, but surprisingly, they look really REALLY good on-screen. Rhydian is Eurasian, and this changes the feels and visuals of the movie completely. The movie feels westernized, but refreshing.

As for Ariel, she has both hit and miss with her projects in my opinion. Last I saw Ariel was in 2014’s Sweet Alibis and 2015’s Go Lala Go 2 with Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen, and both movies were disappointing. For the latter, I could not relate to Lala, and ended up didn’t care who she ends up with, or the storylines because the direction was just all a big meh. The movie was overhyped because they were selling headlines of the reunion of Bolin and Ariel, in which they made history with their 2011 drama, In Time with You.

With that said, I hope weirdly named movie My Egg Boy will not disappoint me again.

More Stills!

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