Lee Seo Jin, Eric Mun and Yoon Kyun Sang Return to 3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village 4


OMO. Last I heard, only Lee Seo Jin and Yoon Kyun Sang confirmed to return for 3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village 4. Now that Eric Mun has also agreed to return, I can only say D-A-E-B-A-K! I am salivating at the thought of seeing Eric cook again and I bet Na PD invited them back because he wants to eat Eric’s food. 😏 Too bad Eric doesn’t cook as slow anymore; that was what made the show extremely funny.

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3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village 3


I have been spending this weekend marathoning tvN’s 3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village 3 featuring Lee Seo Jin, Eric Mun and Yoon Kyun Sang. I’m not into variety shows, and I don’t see the appeal in watching people stuck in a village with no modern equipment and basically just eat and cook from whatever they are supplied. But I could no longer resist when there was so much raves about this season and Eric’s cooking. So I decided to check it out.

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2 Days 1 Night: Park Bo Gum Highlights Part 1

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Congratulations to 2 Days 1 Night for reaching the highest rating of 19.9% for the year 2016, as well as being in first place against other variety shows airing at the same time. I, personally, would like to think that it is all because of Park Bo Gum, but I shall be humble. This episode we will see eight men split into two teams, earning points (mileage) as they go around visit and doing some activities. Hence, here goes my thoughts about the trip with maknae Park Bo Gum in 2 Days 1 Night begins!

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Park Bo Gum to appear on 2 Days 1 Night


UPDATE: 2016.08.15 Added air date + preview

Waaaa~ what a good news for us drama fans who have been deprived of Park Bo Gum since the end of Answer Me 1988 and Youth Over Flowers in Africa. I still remember seeing a clip from 2015 KBS Drama Awards that Bo Gum told Cha Tae Hyun and co. that if he is asked to appear on 2 Days 1 Night, he will be honoured. And look what we have here? He’s gone on it! Yaaaaayyyyy, more variety Bo Gum for us.

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Park Bo Gum’s Unnie’s Slam Dunk Surprise Appearance


Funny how Park Bo Gum keeps appearing in variety shows without invitations and had no intentions whatsoever to appear on it, LOL. It just so happens that all these Noonas adore him (or Taekie) that they all want a piece of him. Pwahahahaha~

Following his super short appearance in Running Man, summoned by Song Ji Hyo to complete her mission, this time round, model actress Hong Jin Kyung requested her co-hostess of the new variety show Unnie’s Slam Dunk—Future Dreams, Ra Min Ran, to call Bo Gum and ask if they could visit him inside KBS building where he was to film Music Bank. Continue reading “Park Bo Gum’s Unnie’s Slam Dunk Surprise Appearance”

Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 6 (Final)


Awesome, I was hoping a picture of this group shot will be posted, and they managed to get a nice shot with Victoria Falls as the backdrop. Due to lighting beyond my capability of repairing, we can’t see the beauty of the waterfalls, but it does not matter—this particular picture is about the youth and journey of our boys: Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and maknae, Park Bo Gum. And lets hustle together (mentally) and cheer: Kamsahamnida, Youth Over Flowers in Africa! Hip Hip Hurrayyyy \(^o^)/~~~~the boys complete their mission and have one more day to spare—to do scary activities.

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Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 5


In this episode, Youth Over Flowers in Africa  is all about Victoria Falls. It only appear in the last 20 minutes, but it is what is really stick in the mind after watching. When the first view of the waterfalls enter the eyes of Ahn Jae Hong, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum, it was nothing but extravagance and surreal. There are greens, the beautiful blue skies with white cotton-like clouds, the waterfalls and a rainbow. The view of the waterfalls was a very touching moment, and had me in tears. If Jae Hong thought the view he saw at Etosha Waterhole made him feel tiny, then Victoria Falls would be the view that render me feeling non-existence in this universe.

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