Biases: What Are They Up To Now?


So what are my biases up to these days??? Let’s take a look.

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Signal to Release its Scripts in Chinese


Fans who can read Chinese and loved the crime thriller drama, Signal starring Kim Hye Soo, Jo Jin Woong and Lee Je Hoon are in luck! This is because scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee has sold the copyright to Taiwan and the scripts have been turned into Chinese!

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Biases: What Are They Up To Now?

Biases Up to

My Drama Land is experiencing a bit of drought again. Most biases have completed their projects, and some are leaving for military services, whereas a couple of them are just taking their sweet honey time reviewing script offers. Meanwhile a few are busy with fan meetings. Damn those fan meet tours. And the good shows are coming to an end one week after another. Aish. Not happy. Not happy at all.

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Gibberish-Blab: Tomorrow with You Episode 6


I thought episode 5 of Tomorrow with You wasn’t as interesting, and I was a little annoyed they introduced another twist in the future. But now not only I enjoyed the new mystery, I also feel bad for So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) after watching episode 6. He’s so caught up and concerned about their death in the future that he sometimes forget his present life and marriage with Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) is what makes his future.

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First Impression: Tomorrow with You


Listening to Goblin’s OST whilst composing my first impression of Tomorrow with You is how I rejoice I finally have one promising drama I can look forward to each week. Tomorrow with You stars Lee Je Hoon (Signal) and Shin Min Ah (Oh My Venus), is the tvN drama that follows after Goblin, so I expected it to uphold the same quality as its predecessors. The verdict is: I enjoy the first two episodes.

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