Rookie Actor On the Rise: Yang Se Jong



Appearing in July issue, rookie actor Yang Se Jong did a photoshoot and interview with Singles magazine. Proven to be a rising star, he has been gaining approvals from media and audiences with very solid and outstanding performances in last year’s SBS hit drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim; Saimdang: Light’s Diary and now OCN’s crime-thriller drama, Duel where he challenges his acting boundaries by playing three different roles.

P.S. That lips are mine, by the way.

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A Swooning Post: Head Over Heels for CEO Ahn and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Park Hyung Sik has been making my delicate heart flutter with those gorgeous, beautiful eyes for the past two weeks. I noticed those emotive eyes since Hwarang, but he definitely kicked it up a notch in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. This is mainly because Park Bo Young has the magic in making her male co-stars automatically adore her and want nothing but shower her with lots of tender, love and care. I saw it from Jo Jung Suk when they worked together in Oh! My Ghost, and now I am seeing the same adoration from Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk.

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Gibberish-Blab: Tomorrow with You Episode 6


I thought episode 5 of Tomorrow with You wasn’t as interesting, and I was a little annoyed they introduced another twist in the future. But now not only I enjoyed the new mystery, I also feel bad for So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) after watching episode 6. He’s so caught up and concerned about their death in the future that he sometimes forget his present life and marriage with Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) is what makes his future.

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A Little bit of Musing


It’s unsure what else Elle has intervewed Park Bo Gum since the magazine has not been published, but I hope it will be a refreshing read. Bo Gum is well-trained and good with providing standard answers, which most of the time makes getting to know him difficult, and make reading about him boring (for lack of a better word). We want to know what he likes/loves or dislikes/hates and the interesting experiences he encounter, but he’s not the type that would share. Therefore, it was extra refreshing when he reveals he and Dong Yeon snuck away from the group in Cebu. I wouldn’t mind if he shares a little more of his Cebu trip and his friendships with his co-stars, particularly Kwak Dong Yeon since it has garnered the most attention, resulting them being misunderstood or fall under fans’ scrutiny.

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Gibberish-Blab: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Episode 15-16


For episode 15, the most memorable scenes for me are the emotional scenes from Park Bo Gum. Last week I complained there weren’t enough angst, especially from Bo Gum’s part, and I guess the scriptwriters planned it that way; so now I’m satisfied. Kim Yoo Jung gets a head start to build up that (her) angst for us as we see her prepare to break her promise and leave Yeong. We see full blast of her suffering in episode 14, but very little for Yeong as he was still dealing with the shock, betrayal and doubts. Thus, I appreciated the extension of his angst.

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Gibberish-Blab: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Episode 13-14


Update: ⬆️ The image above was released on the Tuesday with the caption asking us to tune in and find out about Baek Won Hoi and Byung Yeon. The preview for episode 14 also shows a scene Chief Eunuch ordering Baek Won Hoi readying for action, but it was omitted in the actual airing. I don’t think Baek Won Hoi’s scene will be omitted next episode, but I hope the above scene find its way back into the story somewhere. I’m starting to speculate these are the clues that Byung Yeon has ousted his secret and Baek Won Hoi, that’s how Seja found Ra On end of episode 14. Whilst the baddies are plotting to catch Seja conspiring with Ra On—the traitor’s daughter—Baek Won Hoi deploys for a rescue/protection mission. I am smelling the framework of the novel in play, just the way is executed is changed…

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Gibberish-Blab: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Episode 12


It has been a while since I blabber on Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and what better way of a comeback other than spazz about episode 12. Something hit the jackpot for me in this episode—in both emotions and performances, as well as a great mixture of—action, the beautiful yet vulnerability of our main characters; the misunderstanding and a possible broken friendship on the mend.

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