Original Soundtrack: Thirty but Seventeen

Thirty but Seventeen, a light and breezy, simple and fun drama for all ages. The OSTs aren’t specially good, but the stand outs are definitely Hyorin’s Just Stay and Bonggu’s Get Away. Personal fave is Get Away because the combination of Bonggu’s voice and the sadness of the song spells “Feels”, and the theme of this drama is pretty much “Don’t Think, Feel!”

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Micro Drama Reviews: August 2018


Vice President Lee Young Joon:What’s Wrong with My Secretary Kim? She left me after meeting Mr. Sunshine and went on a trip to experience Life on Mars. Over there, her ID is ‘Gangnam Beauty’ and even though she’s 30 but she looks 17, and the aliens there are so curious with her and the most common question she gets is “Are You Human too?Life is so good there that she may not return. Oh, how I miss my extraordinary, but Familiar Wife.”

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30 But 17 BTS Making Compilations


Thirty but Seventeen / 30 but 17 isn’t a mind blowing or a must see kind of drama, but it definitely wins hearts for being a light and fluffy, feel-good rom-com. It’s a show suitable for all ages (so far), and it’s also a show anyone can go to for some mind relaxation. The plot isn’t overly complex or frustrating (side-eyeing Temperature of Love); and our casts are also holding the show very well and balancing it with their superb acting performances. Continue reading “30 But 17 BTS Making Compilations”

Let Me Drool at This Robot for a Moment


Oh Seo Kang Joon ~ what have you done to my heart? Apart from Park Seo Joon charming himself back into my heart recently, it is this sweeeeet robot played by Seo Kang Joon that makes me heart flutter. I love those innocent smiles and absolutely adooore him as robot Nam Shin-III in Are You Human? on KBS. He really landed himself an extremely lovable drama character this time. Gaaaahhhh, imma want a robot Nam Shin too. Who needs a human boyfriend/husband when I can have a forever loyal, considerate and sweet chingu or companion like Nam Shin-III? Nam Shin-III is even better than any pets.

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Poster Making & Teaser Trailers for 30 But 17

30 but 17 is going well with its promotion. Last week we have behind the scenes of the script reading session, a BTS, 3 teaser trailers, and this Monday we are treated with behind the scenes of the poster shooting. Must say I’m liking what I’m seeing—Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong are perfectly matching with one another visually, even the young actors playing them!

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Introducing The Main Casts of 30 But 17


Thirty But Seventeen is an upcoming SBS drama directed by Jo Soo Won (I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio) and script writer Jo Sung Hee (High School King of Savvy, She Was Pretty). The production company Bon Factory has secured Yang Se Jong (Temperature of Love) and Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life) as the lead actors, supported by actors such as Ahn Hyo Seop (Queen of Ring), Wang Ji Won (Hospital Ship), Ye Ji Won (Should We Kiss First), Jung Yoo Jin (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food) and Yoon Chan Young (Doubtful Victory).

As far as we know, the casts have already carried out a script reading session. All we need to do is wait for the official announcement. The drama is scheduled to air on July 16 every Monday-Tuesday after Greasy Melo.

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