InStyle & Stars Shining Moment


Looks like InStyle has gone all out for their July issue; covering and capturing all the shining star moment from Baeksang. I am absolutely loving what I am seeing, and it’s not just because Park Bo Gum is in it, but also our Answer Me 1988 Ssangmundong chingu, as well as all other big shots / winners that night.

There are definitely moreeee pretty pictures of the stars, but I think we will need to buy the magazine if we want to see more. Right now let’s look at what has been publicized by InStyle as a teaser…

Park Bo Gum
Go Kyung Pyo
Ahn Jae Hong

I did not spot Ra Mi Ran, Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Dong Hwi from the BTS making, but I hope they are covered in this edition of InStyle. Ssangmundong Baeksang collection won’t be complete without them.

And the rest of the stars consist of…

Yoo Ah In
Han Hyo Joo

She looks absolutely stunning in this shot! The eyes. Her eyes here are like a window to her soul. It’s beautiful.

Kim Hye Soo
Kim Go Eun
Yook Sung Jae
Park So Dam

Lee Byun Hun


Through this making, we know there will also be Park Seo Joon, Kim So Hyun, Kwak Si Yang, Lee Sung Kyung, and many many more I cannot identify and also those whose names I don’t know because they are from variety shows.

If there are more Ssangmundong kids in the magazine, I really might consider grabbing a copy, LOL. Or do they have electronic copies?—that would definitely be a better option.


One thought on “InStyle & Stars Shining Moment

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  1. Will we get to see a bigger, clearer picture of Ssamundong kiddo together? Like that one of Hyeri standing in the middle and linking arm with her hubby.

    Or my excuse to see “just” Park Bo Gum and Hyeri in one frame is way too obvious? hehehehheh..


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