Pelicana Chicken CF Making: Park Bo Gum Cuteness Overload!


LOLLL. This is a must watch, just for that short moment at 00:25. Hahahaha, that look of, ‘Oops! I’m caught stealing a bite off the drumstick.’ was priceless. Park Bo Gum, you really crack me up. ROFL.

So cute.

… of course there are more faces he makes that just cracks me up as well. I feel extremely apologetic to Lee Dong Hwi because my eyes only chase after Bo Gum in this clip. And we must admit, Bo Gum is overly animated in here to not pay full attention to.



Too late, my dear, you’re caught on camera and now publish all around the world.

Will you just look at him, swallowing his saliva, and controlling himself not to take a bite. Darn funny.

Adorable clips alert!


Finallyyyyy… he has permission to devour the chicken. LOLOL. So. Who would like to be the chicken drumstick this time?

Now, let’s see the action all over again in GIF format

Source: Pelicana Chicken


3 thoughts on “Pelicana Chicken CF Making: Park Bo Gum Cuteness Overload!

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  1. I don’t care how handsome Bo Gummie is… but if I end up in his tummy… that’s a no for me. Since Mellina has been the pizza, you Euky can take the chickin role, hahhahahhaha.

    And that look…hahahhahahhahahhahah… boy you’re sooo busted!!!!! I bet he was being tortured half the filming… particularly when he could only hold, smell, and pretend to eat the chicken.
    Now I am wondering if his tummy made embarrasing hungry sound during the filming.

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