Lee Jong Suk Enjoy His Summer in ARENA

ARENA HOMME+, thank you for covering Lee Jong Suk. It really has been awhile this boy is off the radar and my screen. This boy isn’t the best looking guy in South Korea, but nonetheless, he has this charm we simply cannot ignore.

… okay, some still don’t see it, but that’s okay—what they don’t see isn’t a loss to them, and neither it will for us who does. No one loses, no one wins.

I have always liked most of Jong Suk’s magazine pictorials. He either has a lot of luck with the good photographers, or it’s just him being an ex-model thing, and knows how to display his charm and/or makes sure the magazine editor doesn’t over-PS his pictures.

Either way, it’s a win-win situation for us.

If only he can trade his secrets with uri Bogummy… whose magazine shots haven’t had the best and we can’t forget that really bad screw up in Star1 this year. *Shudder*

Ahhh that smirk. That cheeky smirk. It’s Lee Jong Suk’s trademark.

Looks to me he’s gained some weight too, looking more meaty around the upper arms, but still looks like a stick in full view.

Be sure to catch Lee Jong Suk’s comeback drama, W, on MBC with Han Hyo Joo soon…


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