Be My Bodyguard, Ji Chang Wook!


Calling The K2 Bodyguard agency…

Helloooo, may I please hire a bodyguard named Ji Chang Wook? Er… I need him to…er…protect me… er… this sounds embarrassing, but I feel I’m in danger er… from…

…falling in love with…er…Crown Prince Lee Young.

His duties may include following and more:

  1. Waking me up after staying up late drooling over Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds.
  2. Drives me to work
  3. Making sure I am concentrating on work, and not sneaking online to collect pictures of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

He is needed 24/7 ensuring I stay sane, so he will need to reside at my place, shower there, show me his abs occasionally so that I snap out of Seja (Bo Gum) magical charm.

Hello? Hello? Can he do it, that man named Ji Chang Wook?

I promise he will have a wall to paint whilst protecting me. t13ndoank offers her walls too if that isn’t enough. He may paint our bodies, too, if he wishes.



For a sypnosis and most teasers, see related posts below. The K2 airs on September 23 on tvN.
Seja: Do you seriously think you can resist my charm, Euky?

5 thoughts on “Be My Bodyguard, Ji Chang Wook!

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  1. He may paint our bodies, too, if he wishes.

    You say WHAAAAT???? When did I ever say of Ji Chang Wook painting my/our bodies. YOU wicked thing.

    But in all serious tone, I think today marked Day 1 of me totally failing to concentrate to work today. No thanks to uri Se Ja. I woke up and had plans listed … but I ended up just browsing and commenting and drooling over him again and again and again. A day passed just like that and here I am wondering why I did stupid things today.

    Hics….You must take responsibility, Bo Gum-ah. Stay with me. Or I’ll hire Ji Chang Wook too. You choose.

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