Answer Me 1988: Who is the Mystery Husband Part 3


With one week and two episodes left, the mystery behind who Deok Sun’s husband is has cleared up a lot. But drama fans are still split into two, arguing against the obvious (or not?), even though the new developments suggest otherwise. Others are obviously crushed.

So which of these two boys is it? In my previous posts, I believed the hubby is Jung Hwan, but I think after 18 episodes, and the development from this week, it seems like the husband is our Choi Taek-9 dans, because many more hints pointed towards Taek.

So far we haven’t seen Jung Hwan goes any where near a cigarette, although it seems like a given that majority of men take up smoking when they go to military. However, what we don’t see here, does not count.

Taek 1
Jung Hwan 0

Deok Sun Nags About Wearing More Clothes
See comments on previous post

Taek 1
Jung Hwan 0

Husband is Left Handed
It looks to me the 2015 hubby is a lefty. He has hold a glass of water and a cup of coffee with his left hand. He also sits in the way that his left hand rests on his left foot, in which a right-handed person would be the opposite.

Taek 1
Jung Hwan 0


Dislike Interview & Read Weird Comics
These are the newest clues from episode 18. Now, we must first consider why is Deok Sun being interviewed in the first place?—Is it because she’s married to a well-known national celebrity? At the moment, I see no reason for Jung Hwan & family to be involved in an interview. Moreover, Deok Sun’s mentioning of Hubby disliking interviews, that is totally Taek.

As for reading weird comics, there is no immediate relation to young Taek, the only thing is Deok Sun has always made Taek run errands for her to the comic book store. Besides, Jung Hwan doesn’t do weird things; thus, reading weird comics is most likely Taek. Most importantly, Jung Hwan doesn’t need to watch out of his image.

Taek 1
Jung Hwan 0


The bickering between 2015 Deok Sun and Hubby is the only behaviour that is unlike Taek and Deok Sun. But then things can change after marriage, and thus, I am banking on future Taek has let-loose a lot after marrying Deok Sun, and I think it’s a sign of their relationship has seasoned. But if it isn’t Taek, then Hubby is definitely Jung Hwan.

Looking back, younger Taek definitely doesn’t tease, but take note that Taek has learned to tease Deok Sun over the years. Notably in the scene (episode 18) when Deok Sun tells the gang she is popular elsewhere, and Taek asks: “Where is elsewhere?” It’s also curious that instead of asking Jung Hwan for beer, she asks Taek instead, and gets told off she can’t drink because she has to drive them all.

Taek 0.5
Jung Hwan 1

Love Message to Sun Woo
Both Hubby and Jung Hwan knew Deok Sun likes Sun Woo, and that she wrote a letter to radio station. Taek was not even aware of this back then, or at least we weren’t shown he knew. Will this become a big bug in the drama, or writernim is able to give a plausible explanation later? Or the answer is simple, Hubby did peek into her diary, and lied about it, LOL.

Taek 0
Jung Hwan 1

Dates Lots of Girls
Deok Sun also mentioned her hubby dated a lot of girls before her, and we learnt that both Taek and Jung Hwan have been on dates, with Taek been on the most. Jung Hwan has gone on a few dates too, but we learnt from Dong Ryung that he isn’t interested to be in a relationship, and that he breaks up with the girls after 1-2 months. We have no insights on Taek’s past dates, but then with the clue that he doesn’t speak to them, it pretty much means our boy isn’t interested too.

Taek 1
Jung Hwan 1


Jung Hwan’s Confession in 1994
The title name for episode 18 is ‘Farewell First Love’—we were given Jung Hwan’s confession to Deok Sun, but passing it out as a joke, and we don’t see Deok Sun’s response—it seems to me as an action of Jung Hwan giving his feelings towards Deok Sun a closure. I would say at least he’s finally said it, no more regrets.

The ‘Farewell First Love’ would not be Taek, purely because we neither see Taek confess, nor we are given an insight into his mind that he made any decision of saying goodbye to his feelings for Deok Sun.

I hope in episode 19, the show can rewind a bit to this part—I really want to know why of all times, Taek chooses this moment to act. What change his mind, to the point of forfeiting an important competition, therefore forever has this forfeited record in the history of his baduk life. Could it be because he’s waited for years for Jung Hwan to act, and Jung Hwan never did?

Taek 1
Jung Hwan 0

Deok Sun’s Heart
We have gotten an insight into Deok Sun’s heart in episode 17 and 18. We saw her getting all flustered by Taek in 17, and in 18, it’s certain that she knows Jung Hwan’s confession is real, but upon seeing her still turns her head to check the entrance door after the confession, it tells me this is a very done-deal about Jung Hwan’s chances with her.

…and I also wonder if Deok Sun has drilled Taek for his sudden appearance at Lee Seung Hwan’s concert (c’mon, I would. It’s all over the news he forfeited his game! No way this would go without notice by the whole neighbourhood), and whether or not Taek decides to spill the beans, which resulted in Deok Sun’s behaviour afterwards—expecting her pager to buzz and turns her head to check for Taek’s arrival.

Taek 1
Jung Hwan 0


I can’t be 100% sure, not when there is a rumour saying Jung Hwan and Deok Sun are spotted kissing at the airport. But right now, based on all the clues from the aired episodes—Taek is most likely Deok Sun’s husband.

I am sorry for Jung Hwan, but it is either one or the other, and I think only a girl like Deok Sun suits Taek, who is already accustomed to his babo-ness in everyday life, and quiet demeanour. Like Sun Woo has said, at first the girls are all “Ohhh and Awww” because he is the legendary Choi Taek, but once they get to know the real him, they will find him boring and stuffy. So I am not at all too surprised that he keeps getting dumped by girls—he is still the young Taekie  we know, even though he has mature a lot more in 1994. Thus, the only girl that Taek would react more to because he’s comfortable with her, and is okay with his behaviour is Deok Sun, particularly I noticed Deok Sun doesn’t even care she got stood up by the guy, but she was all upset Taek cancelled on their movie night in 1989.



How touching was Bora’s confession to Sun Woo in that blind date scene? Watching it with subtitles put me to tears. I like that the table is now turned for their relationship, and she’s the one chasing after him, heh.

What comes next in the last two episodes would include closing off all couples’ lovelines (will we get to meet Mi Ok’s family?); the side-story of Song Dong Il getting sick, and Ra Mi Ran being pregnant. I swear, she shows no signs of menopause, but rather, I think she is 3 months pregnant!

Source: Answer Me 1988 DC Gallery | Naver Blog @ Damhwarin


4 thoughts on “Answer Me 1988: Who is the Mystery Husband Part 3

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  1. waah i really like your review 🙂 i’m originally #junghwanteam but after reading your review, it makes me think taek has the possibility too T_T what to do?? anyway, nice review~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yup, writer-nim always play with our weak heart. I even rewatching all their scene, DS-JH and DS-TK to catch more hidden hints lmao But, “the hubby knew about DS likes SW” clue bugs me the most. Isn’t that the biggest clue? Because only JH knew about this, right? (or maybe the writer-nim gives us some plausible explanation later as you said) But, after watching ep 17 and ep 18, I personally think everything could happen.

    Anyway, don’t you think JungHwan’s confession lacks something? Like, you know how can he said that he was joking after he confessed? bzz JungHwan pls. And about DS-JH kissing at the airport, is that a legit fanaccount? Huk!!!

    Anyway, nice to have someone to talk to about this amazing reply series hihi


    1. haha yup we refused to believe it can be that easy XD

      Anyway, somehow after watching ep 17 – 18 with engsub, I suddenly thought of something. Could it be that JH became a famous book author? (I came up with this because you know, JH loves reading book). If, just IF, JH really is become a famous book author, then isn’t the interview plausible for him and DS? lmao Sorry, suddenly that thought came across my mind haha XD (sorry if I’m full of imagination) But still, I want Taek to be DS’s husband too after watched those 2 episodes. Huuuul! I don’t know haha

      And lastly, after I watched ep 17-18, I realized. We better lower our expectation thus we won’t be hurt. Just let’s all be happy with whoever DS’s husband will be.


  3. about Song Dong-il getting sick , my hunch is that he is not working for the bank anymore and that is why maybe he suddenly talked about early retirement

    About the husband, on the earlier episodes it looks like it is Junghwan with all his deep thought scenes about Dukseon ( we never get to see Taek in those kind of scenes except when he noticed Junghwan looking at Dukseon).It felt like it was really him but I am always a
    TaekXDeoksun shipper from the start and the reason why I think he was the husband was because of the future scene. I have noticed that they were being interviewed. Why they are being interviewed and by who? My immediate thought was because his Husband might be taek unless junghwan or dukseon her self became famous.

    We all know though that we are not sure until the end. In 1994 I really thought it was Chilbong. yeah cruel director and scriptwriters for making us all crazy

    Liked by 1 person

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