Gibberish-Blab: Answer Me 1988 Episode 17


As we watch this drama, we have followed these kids through thick and thins, and I happily announce that when we welcome 1994, these kids are still best of friends, and about to gather together to celebrate Taek’s birthday once again in tonight’s episode. *Shedding a tear* Imma just so happy their bonds are still intact and strong.

It isn’t an episode without development of the loveline entirely, on the contrary, it is an episode where they go off their separate ways, and grow up. There are 2 major surprise, or at least 1.5 of unexpected surprise for me in this episode. Enough for me to get overly excited all night, and wake up still lacking sleep. Answer Me 1988, what drugs are you to be able to do this to me?

These pictures are taken at the soccer field, where the boys gather together to play soccer, before Dong Ryung (Lee Dong Hwi) collapses onto the ground with his behind bleeding, LOL. What the heck, boy, so random. Even though I knew Taek (Park Bo Gum) was going to carry Deok Sun (Hyeri) from the spoiler pictures, I did not know he had to carry her and run across the field. I am surprise this skinny boy is able to carry her without struggling. I am sure it was tough, especially they have to shoot from different angle. [Video: Dong Ryu fainted at sight of blood, LOLLLL]

However, I just love this scene on its own—with all the kids spending some fun time, not having to worry about anything else. As we all age, those purest moment of joy disappears; hence, I see that scene as a precious moment for the boys where they roamed around the field carefree.

After Jung Hwan, Sun Woo and Dong Ryung left for the hospital, Taek initially offers to piggyback Deok Sun, but she hesistates. My guess is due to Dong Ryung complaining she was heavy before, so she didn’t want to burdenTaek; besides, Taek has always looked so fragile in these kids’ eyes. So it was an eye-opener for Deok Sun when Taek easily swooped her up, and princess-carries her, and runs away from the school guard. Seriously, if she does not see Taekie in a new light from this incident, or feels attraction towards Taek, then… then… then… I do not know what else can Taek do to make her fall for him in the last 3 episodes. [Video: Taek carries Deok Sun]


The other big surprise that made my heart palpitate is definitely Taek and Deok Sun’s kiss scene. Thank you tvN for not putting any spoiler in the preview, or have any images leaked. It was totally unexpected, so the more *OMG* it feels when we see it play out. Deok Sun went to see zombie Taek, but he was too tired to entertain her, and sends her off before he passing out (almost immediately).


However, when he re-opens his eyes, he finds Deok Sun lying right in front of him, and he was holding onto her hand. Taek first stares at Deok Sun with sad, teary eyes—god I love his gaze here, so intense—and then he swoops in for a position 69 kiss! *GASP* [Video: Position 69 Kiss]


It turns out this is just a dream sequence. Or is it not? I have doubts, but right now I have no answer. Uri Taekie wakes up in a daze—his reaction definitely suggests he is confused at how vivid it is. So am I, my dear, so am I. Unfortunately for us, Deok Sun’s reaction suggests it is a dream, and he breathes a sigh of relief. To be honest, I’m prepared if the writer reveals it to be real later, and Deok Sun just pretended nothing happen, because she thinks Taek kiss her under a drugged situation, and did not want to make things awkward between them. *Shrugs*

The good news is, Deok Sun is clearly bothered when Taek cancelled their movie date night, and when she reminisced the field incident. Notably before the dream sequence, she went to his bedroom, obviously just wanted to see him. It is still very difficult to determine who Deok Sun will end up with at the end of this episode, but one thing is certain, i.e. the lack of interactions between Deok Sun and Jung Hwan, and how Deok Sun wasn’t shown to be bothered by Jung Hwan as much as she is with Taek, at least not anymore. She was pissed off about the pink shirt, but then later on, there was nothing else happening between them. If I were in her shoes, I would have taken that as a rejection, and move on.

Obviously, this could be a trap the writer set up for us to fall into, but I am too far invested with Taek and Deok Sun now to be able to crawl out of the hole. Moreover, it feels rather illogical to build up Taek and Deok Sun’s loveline so much in the end not to let them be together, because every time something like this happen, it is extra special and meaningful between them, as compared to when she is with Jung Hwan. It would be unconvincing or illogical if the next 3 episodes revert back on developing Jung Hwan and Deok Sun’s loveline. That said, this is all we get for the love triangle so far, and the final battle rest in the next 3 episodes for Taek, Deok Sun and Jung Hwan.

Bora (Ryu Hye Young) and Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo) broke up [Video]. I expected this, so I was not at all surprise. They will find their way back to one another again when the time is right, and when both have mature. This applies to Jung Bong (Ahn Jae Hong) and Mi Ok (Lee Min Ji) couple as well. Only one couple survive the test, and that is Taekie’s Appa (Choi Moo Sung) and Sun Woo’s Omma (Kim Sun Young), LOL, where Taekie’s Appa finally, but so coolly tells Sun Woo’s Omma that they spend the rest of their time together [Video]. Awkward, but it fits their characters, hehehe.

This episode also includes some brother-sisterly bonding, and I just adoreeeee the brotherhood between Sun Woo and Taek. Even though the 5 of them are BFFs, but it seems like Taek, being the odd one out and unable to spend as much time together with the other 4, is closest to Sun Woo, and most comfortable with Deok Sun. I love how with Sun Woo, Taek is able to talk about more private matters, and his blessing for his dad and Sun Woo’s mother is just heart-wrenching , as well as heart-warming.

On the other hand, the sisterhood is equally heart-warming. It’s a sign that both sisters are growing up, and no matter how much they fought in the past, they have gotten past their differences, and obviously love one another, and wish for each other to be well. Thus, I completely understand how it hurt Deok Sun to see Bora staying in a room as big as the size of a bathroom.

Lastly, we have Jung Hwan and Jung Bong—where it is finally revealed why Jung Hwan’s dream changes, he did it for Hyung. Even though he strongly denied it, but seeing his initial reaction confirms at least 95% he tries to fulfill his brother’s dream. Aw. You sweet boy.


Fast-forward to October 8, 1994:

The neighbourhood looks the same except the wall separating Taek and Sun Woo’s house has an opening, suggesting the two household have merged, allowing easier access, and giving two separate families their own space when needed. This union is further confirmed with grown up Jin Ju, addressing Taekie’s Appa as Appa. Awwww. I just love how close they are. Sweet.

Sun Woo is now studying medicine, and we will see Answer Me 1994‘s character Sseuregi (Jung Woo) makes a cameo appearance in the next episode. Jung Hwan heads home in his Air Force uniform—oh la la—and warmly welcome home by his family. LOL, I just love how they all rush out of their rooms (and bathroom) to kiss and hug him. Jung Bong finally got himself accepted to SungKyuKwan University, studying law. WTF! LOL!


Meanwhile, Deok Sun has become a flight attendant, as we see her dragging a luggage and arriving home too; whereas Dong Ryung is working in Jung Hwan’s Appa’s shop if I’m not mistaken. No Eul has grown up too, with new hairstyle, and has gotten himself chocolate abs!


They all came home on this day for one person: uri Master Taek, who is still doing extremely well, and is now 9-dan in ranks in professional baduk. It is Taek’s birthday, so the kids are meeting up to celebrate his birthday. I am relief to know Taek is enduring his broken heart, and keeping his feelings hidden well; and that he looks healthy. Taek now owns a car, which he won from the Toyota baduk competition, and the conversation between him and the other two characters are simply hilarious.

Chief Lee: Did you drive today?
Taek: Yes.
Chief Lee: Would you like me to reverse the car out for you, so that you don’t have to do it repeatedly over and over again?
Taek: No, I’ve parked at a big area today.

Deputy Assistant Yoo: Choi Taek 9-dan drives the car? Will the car go?
Chief Lee: The car goes (he can drive), but he doesn’t know how to park.
Deputy Assistant Yoo: Ahhhhh

Both seem to be able to imagine, and started laughing and nodding in unison. I swear, I am still puzzle whether Taek is a genius or a babo, LOLLL. I guess it really is just a fine line between a genius and an idiot. That said, maybe they are referring to parellel parking that he can’t do. Surely Taek could do all other types of parking?

Is there a chance that we also get a cameo from Answer Me 1997‘s Yoon Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk), and preferrbly with uri Taekie?— I reaaaallly want an on-screen reunion for Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum.



EPISODE 18 TEXT PREVIEW: Goodbye First Love

In the blink of an eye it’s 1994, the kids all rush home to celebrate Taek’s birthday. With many years passed, is it time to let go of her whom (they/he) care deeply at heart.

Oh noes! Who is going to let go? One person or both?

Source: tvN | Answer Me 1988 DC Gallery | Twitter


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  1. I’m expecting the same thing, regarding the 69 kiss :)) If the kiss were real and Deok Sun admitted it later, that would make a great twist.
    I’m also insanely curious about how the adults would react to Bora-Sun Woo love, even more than the husband’s identity. 🙂
    This episode is powerful too, since it mentions a lot about dreams, parents’ as well as 18-yos’. I both love and hate that this drama can easily choke me up.

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