Answer Me 1988: Who is the Mystery Husband Part 2


OMG to episode 9 of Answer Me 1988. It is another greaaaat episode, and I could not be happier to see more of Taek (Park Bo Gum), as well as more of Taek and Deok Sun (Hyeri).

Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) took a backseat in this episode, and we see slightly more development between Taekie and Deok Sun. YES! There was also a surprise reveal in the show—totally did not expect that “relation”—and possibly a new pairing happening, too. Hee.

Picking up from where we left off in the last post, this episode drops more hints concerning the mystery hubby, or more misguidance I should say.

The hints will sure have the Answer Me 1988 fans go crazy anaylsing and hypothesise one whole week before the next round of episodes air same time next week. Tsk. Cruel writer.

Hint #1: Which Picture is Adult Deok Sun & Hubby looking at?


Right after Deok Sun and Jung Hwan took this after the Jam Concert, their adult counterparts made an appearance. Adult Deok Sun looks at the photo frame and remisnisces the past with hubby: “You must have like me a lot, even putting your arm around me. Look at your expression—looks so happy.”

Hubby agrees with a nod: “Yeah, you were pretty then.”

Deok Sun: “What about now?”

Hubby: “Want a mirror?”

Deok Sun grabs his arm, and bites him hard. HAHAHAHA!

This is just so Deok Sun and Jung Hwan style. It also confirms the husband is Jung Hwan because I simply cannot imagine Taekie being sarcastic, or Deok Sun biting Taekie.


But of course Answer Me isn’t Answer Me if they don’t play with our minds a little. For the latter part of the episode, we see Deok Sun happily pack her luggage and head to China with Taek for his baduk competition.

After Taek won his competition, the two have a photo taken as well, and look at that happy, wide smile on Taek. It’s pretty suggestive that he likes her, too, as adult Deok Sun said. To throw in more confusion for the viewers, before the camera shutter goes out, Deok Sun complains she isn’t looking very pretty that day, but Taek tells her she looks pretty; so is her clothes.

Deok Sun: “It’s your sweater.”

How curious. Now why would Deok Sun wear Taek’s sweater?

Hint #2: The Contrast between Jung Hwan and Taek


After the Jam Concert, we see Jung Hwan all wrapped up in warm clothes, nagging Deok Sun for wearing too little in winter. On the contrary, we see a night scene of Deok Sun all wrapped up, nagging Taek for wearing too little. Fast forward to 2015, Hubby coughs; Deok Sun nags him to put on more layer, and complains he just won’t listen.

It seems like whenever Deok Sun is with Jung Hwan, she is the one being nagged and making Jung Hwan worry. But we see a swap in place for Deok Sun and Taek. This coincides with adult Deok Sun’s caring behavior towards Hubby.

Hint #3: The Year the Picture is Taken—A Significant Day?

Adult Deok Sun asks when was the picture taken, and Hubby is quick with the answer. Deok Sun asks: “Today must be a very important day in your life, huh? It has been 30 years, and you remember it so well.”

Hubby: “The date is on the picture!”


So both pictures are taken around the same time: January, 1989. We don’t know if Jung Hwan finds that day hold any significant meaning to him (he might since it’s his first date with Deok Sun); however, I do think it does to Taek. Throughout the show, we see Deok Sun being clumsy and forgetful; someone that needs to be taken care of. However, with Taek, her mother instinct kicks in and we see her nurturing side. I still cannot forget Taek saying he has had the best sleep; haven’t skipped any meal, and is in his best ever condition—all thanks to uri Deok Sun.

At this point, I still think Jung Hwan is the Hubby, but we also see a new side of Taek this episode—a side that even Deok Sun has never seen before. A change in their relationship may change gradually after this trip for all we know. We’ll find out more in tonight’s episode.

Either way, I don’t really care which of the boys end up with Deok Sun—I love them both—as long as they are still best of friends in 2015; then I am all good.


Image Source: tvN and Answer Me 1988 DC


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