Answer Me 1988: Spoilers

Omo. We have a wedding? So whose wedding is it? Deok Sun’s? Jung Bong’s? Pictures of the wedding BTS have gone viral today, and in the above blurry picture, I’ve made out Deok Sun’s Appa, No Eul, Jung Hwan and Sun Woo. The girl standing in between Jung Hwan and Appa is…?

This post contains spoilers. Step away now if you do not wish to know…

Omo…that’s Taek’s car. I remember the sun roof. Didn’t even know back then cars already have sun roof.

Ohhhhh I see a bride. I see Jung Hwan and Mi Ok too. So it’s not Jung Bong’s Oppa’s wedding. I think I spot Deok Sun standing beside the bride too. So whose wedding is it?

That’s right! It’s Sun Woo’s! Yay. Technically, there is no mystery about this couple. We all know they are going to be together, LOL. I was actually thinking if this time round, Deok Sun will have a shared wedding with Bora too, LOL, you know, like how they used to share birthday cake.

But I am pretty sure no matter how mature and grown up they are, she would not want to, and I am sure Taek will let her have the wedding she wants; as long as he remembers and makes sure he is at the altar that day. Bwahaha. If Hubby is Jung Hwan, then I think the process will involve a lot of arguing, hehehe.

Hurray~ congratulations to Sun Woo and Bora.

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  1. “as long as he just remembers and makes sure he is at the altar that day” LMAO XD That’ll be hilarious.

    Congrats to oh-not-so-suprising-wedding, Sung Bora and Sunwoo~ Wohoooo They’re my favourite couple in this series anyway.


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