Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Fashion: Crown Prince Lee Yeong


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds not only have stellar casts, cinematography, music direction and screenplay, but also an awesome fashion designer / stylist backing up this show. Never have my eyes been so at ease with the choice and the colours of hanbok chosen for each characters in a sageuk. This is definitely the first. Park Bo Gum has worn many hanbok for the past episodes, and each of them fits him perfectly. He’s handsome and gorgeous in the Crown Prince robe, but I actually love it most when he’s in normal hanbok wear. Let’s take a look at the Crown Prince’s wardobe.

— Crown Prince’s Dragon Robe —

Crown prince wears dragon robe named gongryongpo. Based on Wikipedia, gonryongpos have different grades divided by their colour and belt material and a Mandarin square reflecting the wearer’s status. The king wore scarlet gonryongpos, and the crown prince and the eldest son of the crown prince wore dark blue ones. The belts were also divided into two kinds: jade and crystal. As for the circular, embroidered dragon design of the Mandarin square, the king wore an ohjoeryongbo (오조룡보, 五爪龍補)—a dragon with 5 toes—the crown prince wore a sajoeryongbo (사조룡보, 四爪龍補)—a dragon with 4 toes—and the eldest son of the crown prince wore a samjoeryongbo (삼조룡보, 三爪龍補)—a dragon with three toes.



Seja looks awesome in royal and navy blue, but my personal favourite is still the one he wore to crash Minister Kim Hun’s party. I would love it if that hanbok reappears onscreen again, just so we can get a full-body clear HD shot. I even love the hat that has some sort of accessory on it. I managed to find a full-body shot from the costume designer’s SNS, but waeeee they ruined it by censoring Bo Gum’s face is beyond my comprehension.



It’s blue theme for this episode. Light baby blue suits Seja too. As for the hanbok Seja wore outside the palace, it may seem they are alike, and technically, they should be since it happens on the same day, but perhaps Bo Gum has wet the sleeve for the raining scene, so he changed the inner garment, and the sleeve was no longer plain in the bottom picture (left).


Loveee this episode’s fashion too, we have seen hanbok #3 in episode 3 too, but the accessory on his belt is different, and that dark green hanbok is another good-looking piece. But not sure if it was the same he wore for poster shooting.


Baaaahhhh… how GORGEOUS was he appearing in that maroon red?


At least one new hanbok per episode, and this time, Seja is dressed in embroided silky Jade green colour with liliac inner garment. Ahhh, so gorgeous. I could stare at him all day whilst he reads. Heh.


Apart from the usual Crown Prince robe he wears in the palace, Seja had an eventful day in this light blue and liliac hanbok with beaded blue and red strings (gatkeun, 갓끈) hanging off his hat (gat, 갓).


Oh wow, did not think I would say this, but Seja looks great in pink too. The beaded blue and red strings with his gat is recycled from previous episode, but due to the combination of the coloured beads, it matches the pink and the blue hanbok perfectly.

— EPISODE 10 —

A huge jump from 1 attire to 4 in this episode. We also get special privy to Seja in his under garment. It literally looks like Bo Gum is in a dress, LOL, but what a treat. This episode we see some recycled attires (i.e. the maroon, light gold and pink hanbok) from previous episodes, but they are paired with different accessories e.g. flashy belt and white beaded gat. Seja also wears two never been seen Sangtugwan, which I have updated below.  In conclusion, the only new clothes is the one appearing at the end, which will cross over to episode 11, and hopefully we can get a closer look.

— EPISODE 11 & 12 —

I love the dark blue hanbok, but sad that it didn’t have as much screen time as the purple-yellow ones instead. Liliac hanbok I am unsure if it is undergarment, but I’m inclined to think it’s not since Seja receive Yoon Sung wearing it. The yummy light blue undergarment made another appearance too.

— EPISODE 13 —

— EPISODE 14 —

— EPISODE 15 —

Green suits Bo Gum too, and I’m sad that we could not get a full body shot of the one on the right because I really like that one.

Ahhh wedding gown. Never had I thought I will see Bo Gum in one so soon, but hey, he makes a fine groom even in Joseon era. The costume is less extravagant that I had imagine seeing how pretty all his other hanboks were, this one kind of pale in comparison.

— EPISODE 16 —

No new hanbok this episode. Lee Yeong only wears the Crown Prince dragon robe.

— EPISODE 17 —

Oh! Just when I said I did not get to see this hanbok clearly in episode 15, Seja wears it again.

In comparison to all other hanbok Seja has worn, this would be the least interesting combination. Nonetheless, Bo Gum looks good in it.


Hallelujah. This time I’m able to grab a clearer shot of this hanbok in broad daylight.

Omo, the king’s dragon robe! I did not think I would get a chance to see King Lee Yeong. It still feels kind of strange seeing him in a red king’s robe, especially having gotten used to watching him in blue and silver all episodes.

I have to express my token of appreciation to whoever taken and shared this picture, because boy, it was difficult to capture a good shot from the drama. I wonder what will happen to all these custom made hanbok now that the show has ended. Do Bo Gum get to keep a few for souvenirs? Or it will get auction off?

— 2016.10.19 SIGNING EVENT —

Thank god Bo Gum wears it again to the signing event. He was simply gorgeous, elegant and charismatic on this day. So beauuuutiful I just can’t  <3<3<3


The hair accessories are also not to be missed, too. Seja is always seen wearing a headband that assist in keeping his hair tamed, and on the side of the headband, he also wears gwanja made mostly of Jade. Other than these two, the thing that capture my most attention is the little jewelry-like crown named Sangtugwan (상투관), which are used to protect the topknot of his hair. By far, I have identitied at least 9 different Sangtugwan Park Bo Gum has worn, and perhaps there are more. Let’s all watch out for it together.  🙂

In addition, the designer has indicated that the below Sangtugwan has been made specially for Bo Gum. Woah, such honour.

This was newly posted and I have not seen Bo Gum worn it in episode 1 – 8.


Lee Yeong’s fashion is the first fashion post I did for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and naturally, his is the last to complete because I wanted to hold on to it a little longer. Some part of me doesn’t want to let beautiful Seja go yet. Other reason being he changes the clothes the most, and hence, more work behind the scenes before posting. However, I should move on now. It does me no good lingering on the past.

Kamsahamnida to the costume designers for dressing up Park Bo Gum in the most beautiful hanbok I have ever seen—The best and most beautiful in a historical drama I have seen.

Source: Naschenka | Hamu_jinhee | Heart for B | ParkBoGum.COM | QueenQueen | Eunjiya | TopStarNews


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  1. OOOOOOOOH!!!!! Finally somebody made a post about this! I swear I have neven been so into hanbok in my 12 years of dramalife, and I’m not so sure whether it is because the person who wears it, but I so totally the choice of colors that has been selected for uri Seja so far. I love the dark colors especially. The red one when he pretended to be royal guard, the royal blue navy, and the purple/marooon one he wore to save Raon.. thumbs up!

    And gal, did you intentionally skip the black one he wore when visiting Ra On in the prison? or was it not considered hanbok? or was it not good? Because I think my screen would go melted when I saw him so manly in that black dress.

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