More Teasers from The K2 & BTS Making

Some of these teasers are pure fan service for Ji Chang Wook‘s fans, but not complaining at all. Hehehe. The latest teasers out are slightly more comprehensive, as well as interesting. There are so many teasers suddenly surfacing, I have lost count on the numbers released by tvN for The K2. Life of a drama fan isn’t easy especially now I have so many waiting in-line to catch up each weekend.

Teaser #4

I am quite surprising in getting a teaser where Yoona is yelling at Ji Chang Wook to shoot Song Yoon Ah. Are they already that far into the storyline for Yoona to retaliate???

BTS Making

Looks like Chang Wook has a lot of action scenes in K2, which I look forward to, and hope that tvN can do the action scenes justice which Healer had previously failed to do. Apart from the actor’s capability to showcase what he had learnt from the action school, a lot rely on the camera direction.

The K2 will air September 23 on tvN.


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