Gibberish-Blab: Taek’s Next Move


Answer Me 1988, in narration, has slowed down a lot in terms of pace for episode 15. Stuff happened, but then nothing really happen too. It is still a lovely episode to watch though—for moments of Dong Ryung (Lee Dong Hwi) eventually gets some attention from mum, Bora (Ryu Hye Young) showing her love to her parents in Bora’s style, and getting a little insight of how she feels, and of her relationship with her parents and siblings. It spells realism of what she has gone through, these do happen in a family.

Oh right, how can I forget?—the little effort Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo) made to play catch with Taek’s dad. It is very sweet of him, to come to terms and accept, tries to be close and welcoming of Taek’s dad.

For lovelines, I suppose the couple that progresses like the speed of light would have to be Jung Bong and Min Ok. Perhaps by next week, we’ll be hearing wedding bells news from Jung Bong, LOL. How I wish he is this motivated when it comes to studying, or worrying about his future like Deok Sun does in this episode.

The loveline between Taek (Park Bo Gum), Deok Sun (Hyeri) and Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) is still hanging up in the air with Taek planning to confess, whilst Jung Hwan still getting by each day doing absolutely nothing. Face-palm It is getting extremely frustrating to watch Jung Hwan holding back himself all the time.

Now that we know Taek knows, I am having this little imaginative scenarios in my head for tonight’s episode. Taek’s last expression whilst drinking his tea gives me the chills. That wasn’t a look of the innocent-looking Choi Taek we all know of; it is of a man, in thoughts, as if he is calculating. Double thumbs up to Park Bo Gum in this scene. The transition of his expression was nothing but splendid.

I’m dying of curiosity what is the impact on him, now that he knows. I anticipated 3 possibilities of what Taek might do: Either he hesistates because of his friendship with Jung Hwan, or he goes ahead with his plan of confession. However, my favourite scenario of all is—he asks Deok Sun out, but at the place where they meet, we find out he has called Jung Hwan out, too.

We have been told Taek has a competitive streak that he inherits from dad, but then we have also been shown his friendship with Jung Hwan (and vice versa), so I really REALLY want Taek to ensure Jung Hwan confesses to Deok Sun the same time he did his—this way it gives both of them the same starting point to compete for Deok Sun’s heart, and most importantly, it gives each other a fair play—and Deok Sun gets to be the one that decide who she likes. Once decision is made, they remain as best of friends, no one leaves the group!

It cracks me up he wins the board game and counts his fake cash so seriously, kekeke, and even remembers how many cards there are in the game. LOL. That’s ma boy.

Loveline aside, I am delighted we get to learn a bit more about Taek this episode. At this point, I really believe that if he puts his mind to do something, he will be very good in every thing he does. It’s almost clear that all these times, he has put all his concentrations on baduk, hence he didn’t bother to do (or notice) other things (as little as his shoe lace is untied and he doesn’t even know), since everybody else has done it for him. But now, it bothers him a bit that others think he can’t do it e.g. him offering to cook ramen scene. Is uri Taekie growing up, or this change is triggered by Deok Sun not seeing him as a man, but a child that needs to be taken care of? I don’t know, but I am damn happy he is evolving, and is paying a bit more attention on what’s going on around him than he used to.

As for Jung Hwan, time to step up the game. As much as I love him and their friendship, but what needs to be done HAS to be done. Narratively, it is starting to feel the loveline has dragged on too long, so either one of them gives up, or don’t give up and put up a good fight already. Please. Please?

Aaaah~ wish I can get my hands on episode 16 right now!


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