Gibberish-Blab: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Episode 15-16


For episode 15, the most memorable scenes for me are the emotional scenes from Park Bo Gum. Last week I complained there weren’t enough angst, especially from Bo Gum’s part, and I guess the scriptwriters planned it that way; so now I’m satisfied. Kim Yoo Jung gets a head start to build up that (her) angst for us as we see her prepare to break her promise and leave Yeong. We see full blast of her suffering in episode 14, but very little for Yeong as he was still dealing with the shock, betrayal and doubts. Thus, I appreciated the extension of his angst.

Seeing Bo Gum emote is one of the greatest enjoyment when watching this drama. I love it when he uses his eyes and facial expression to beg Ra On in this scene, ‘No please. Don’t do this. Don’t leave me after saying that…#FEELS#

I also love it when he misses Ra On so much that it is eating him away. He desperately needs to talk to her, he has so much to say to her, but was cut short by the meeting before. In episode 14, Seja’s emotion reach a breaking point when he lashes out at Ha Yeon whilst pretending to be strong, and in this episode, he reaches another breaking point as gets consumed by the thought never seeing her and losing her forever.

I have read enough comments to know viewers’ negative reaction towards Ra On pointing a knife at Yeong. I agree it isn’t necessary, but I concluded that it was the writers’ intention to give the OTP’s emotion a dramatic exit. The bracelet symbolizes the promise Yeong made to Ra On, as well as his love for her, to which he hadn’t been able to let it go with all his might. The excuse of having Ra On pointing a knife at Yeong is merely a prop so that with Ra On’s help (or push), Yeong is able to let her (and himself) free in a dramatically emotional manner. For those who has seen Another Oh Hae Young would know how well the writer did with building up The Feels for the OTP from E1 to the explosive kiss scene in E9—that I think was what this show is trying to achieve. Even though it is nowhere near as good as OHY’s, we (I) did feel the dramatic effect (and extra pain) when Yeong cut the bracelet and declare the official break-up. I love the Feels, but in no way to say this scene is written in a logical manner, LOL. But honestly, Feels-wise, I really heart this scene.

I love the twist in the wedding too. I will admit I love the tease, LOL! I actually look forward to this scene even though I didn’t want him to marry Ha Yeon. Too bad the tease did not drag out a bit longer and we ended up having to watch the king fainted twice. Pffft. Like that’s a more important scene, show?

It’s a nice change in wind to see Yoon Sung stand up to Kim Hun. Not sure where this would lead us yet, or whether he would play a big part in eradicating his own clan, but it is nice for once someone spit on Minister Kim’s arrogant face. Who can do it better if not his own grandson. It was also rather satisfying he had the Queen in the palm of his hand even though it was predictable how that scene played out. But nonetheless, GO, Yoon Sung!

I can’t decide bringing back Hong Gyung Rae is a good decision as of yet, and I didn’t enjoy the interrogation scene, especially when Minister Kim ousted Seja and Ra On’s relationship. I also hated Ra On’s inner message to Seja about ‘forgetting her and don’t in pain for unable to protect the woman he loves‘, because how can he not be traumatised for the rest of his life when witnessing her head falling off from her neck with his own eyes?

However, I do need to acknowledge the accumulated tension in the scene when she was about to get beheaded. Others may feel about this scene differently, but because I read the book, my fear comes from seeing Yoon Sung being there. I fear he will jump in and take the knife for Ra On. Thus, the real outcome took me by surprise, which I don’t dislike, especially seeing how awesome the reactions Park Bo Gum gave me—that shocking expression when Byung Yeon wielded his sword to his throat; I can watch it 10 more times…

I enjoyed episode 15 mostly for the Feels and the thought that Yeong is entering into a new chapter by marrying Ha Yeon, but at this point in time without knowing the content of finale episodes, I have great dislike for the development in episode 16. It is also evidential that the quality deteriorated tremendously in episode 16, to which we see scenes that are illogical.

For example:

  • How is it that Hong Gyung Rae can be recognized so easily when he is a dead man for 10 years? Famous or not, it doesn’t seem logical for people to remember dead people, especially with poor drawings in that era.
  • How did Hong Gyung Rae find Ra On & Omma when everyone in the nation is unable to find them? Unless we are to ‘assume’ the hiding place belongs to Baek Won Hoi.
  • Ra On is a wanted person, and who in their right mind would wait out in the open for Byung Yeon? It’s such a given that she would be caught. *FACEPALM*

The worst crime the scriptwriters have committed is making the characters we love so much behaving so helpless (for the lack of a better word) and passive in recent episodes. Ra On had been like this for many episodes. I miss the Ra On we once knew in earlier episodes, where she was fun, quick-witted, insightful and cheerful. She now became a formulaic damsel in distress who passively awaits others to rescue her, and the most frustrating bit is none other than the script putting her in situations where there seems to be no other way for her to react but be passive and scared out of her wits. *Pulling out hairs in frustration*

As for Yeong, that badass, perceptive smart poop prince is nowhere to be seen. True that he predicted the trap and is actively investigating, but it is deflating that he always end up on the losing end and getting cock-blocked by the Andong clan every single time. Can’t we just let Seja win one case and get closer to somewhere for once, show? It is quite upsetting that not only he is a powerless lovesick puppy, but in episode 16, Andong clan manage to corner him and had his hands and feet completely tied up using Ra On. Oh mannnn, it’s a nightmare I want to wake up from. 🔪🔪🔪

On the contrary, I am glad that Byung Yeon and Yoon Sung play more parts in the story now. The viewers should have more insights into Byung Yeon’s head earlier to allow a smoother story-telling in latter episodes, especially for the reason he would go out of his way to protect Ra On. Is he only doing it for a friend? Is he doing it for Seja?—No, I am very sure it’s more than that. It’s because he loves Ra On too, as shown in the character relationship chart (and backed by the book), but the drama never shows us this.

Plot-wise, I still stand by what was written before—about it being slow and not really going anywhere, even for this week. However, at least romance is giving way so that the main plot can move forward, even if it’s baby steps. It is equally worrisome yet refreshing with the latest development i.e. bringing Hong Gyung Rae back to life means viewers can no longer predict the ending based on the novel. I like the mystery, and I am still hopeful that the show will give me a special contemporary Moonlight style happy ending, and hopefully with Ra On receiving a big punishment for breaking her promise. A proper kiss (with lips movement, please!) is looong overdue even though I might die of jealousy again, but to end this show without a satisfying kiss, I won’t allow it.

Our journey with the Crown Prince will be over next week, time sure flies. It has been a pleasure, and I will miss not seeing Bo Gum on screen again, which I hate. But on the flip side of the coin, I am glad it’s almost over because the show’s magic is wearing off and flaws are emanating through the cracks, to which viewers can no longer ignore.

Gosh I love this shot so much, but mostly because the groom looks gorgeous and 40% I’m giggling over that hand resting on Seja as if he’s telling the world, ‘Seja is mine’. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The OTP of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds should have been Eunuch Jang and Seja, LOLLL.

That reminds me. The show widely uses Eunuch Jang and Seja to advertise and garner attention for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, but in fact, Hoon Nam and Seja’s master-eunuch relationship hasn’t been as prominently strong in presence or cute as compared to The Moon that Embraces the Sun in the drama. What to do?—in the drama, Seja favours his cross-dressing Eunuch Hong over Hoon Nam. LOL, at least he makes up for it in SNS.


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