Nam Joo Hyuk Dominating Over Grazia, The Celebrity & Céci


Model turns actor, Nam Joo Hyuk, are dominating three major magazines and can be found in January 2016 issues of Céci, Grazia and The Celebrity. I think among the three, only Céci’s pictorials fit my taste. And no, it has nothing to do with those chocolate abs. Ahem. They look good, but cross my heart, it’s not that.

This super tall boy (188 cm) made his screen debut in tvN’s Surplus Princess (Note: he gave his first onscreen kiss to Kim Seul Gi from Oh my Ghostess. Lucky her. Hee!). However, the drama that propelled him to fame is KBS’s franchise school series, Who Are You: School 2015, starring alongside child actress Kim So Hyun and idol actor Yook Sung Jae.

Since then, Nam Joo Hyuk is actively involved in other dramas such as playing Joo Sang Wook‘s teenage role in Glamorous Temptation, as well as currently filming the webtoon adaptated drama, Cheese in the Trap.

Nam Joo Hyuk was widely loved, and also widely criticized for his lack of acting skills. The man himself is aware of his own shortcoming too. He is still lacking, and has a long way to go, but the good thing is that he does have charm when he’s onscreen. So what he needs to do is perhaps attend acting school if he wants to get better.

I liked him most when he was playing Yi An in School 2015, but then I was surprised to see how wooden he can be acting alongside Kim Sae Ron in Glamorous Temptation. He wasn’t that wooden in School 2015.

I think he was better in School 2015 is because as time passes, he was able to get into his character, and he also received guidance and help from co-star Kim So Hyun. But it’s a different case for Glamorous Temptation because Kim Sae Ron is just as wooden as him in acting. Thus, both couldn’t help each other out in the acting department. But fear not, practise makes perfect, and this time he is working with a fair few good actors in Cheese in the Trap, so he’ll learn and gain more acting experience from the sunbae-nim.

Source: Céci | 222 Percent


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