Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: 150 Days Traveling in the Moonlight

박보검 20161112 구르미 그린 달빛 - 달빛 기행 150일의 기록.mp40036

Out of no where, KBS World edited and shared a special clip on Moonlight Drawn by Clouds narrated by Kwak Dong Yeon. In this clip, not only they re-introduce the casts again, but they also introduce the filming locations; making it easy for tourists to visit. The most delightful part is non other than us getting to see additional unseen before footage of more BTS and deleted scenes.

There are a few very cute BTS of the actors goofing around that I really like and is amused with. Just to name one: it is when Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung laughed hysterically about the ‘ear swab’. It was amusing to watch. I mean, it didn’t look that funny to me, but these two nearly did a ROFL. And then there is Eunuch Jang and his arrow joke that had everyone joining in too. Apart from goofing around, we also get to see the fight scenes of Jin Young and Kwak Dong Yeon that never made it into the actual cut. But my favourite BTS had to be when Bo Gum fell asleep beside Dong Yeon.

박보검 20161112 구르미 그린 달빛 - 달빛 기행 150일의 기록.mp40039

The poor thing must have been so exhausted that even in such an uncomfortable position with background noise and Dong Yeon patting him, he hears/feels nothing and seemingly in deep slumber.

It was also sweet of Dong Yeon shielding Bo Gum from the light, perhaps that’s where the director got the idea for the scene between Yeong and Ra On, hehehe. But after repeating the same scene a few times, I began to think Dong Yeon should just move aside, put Bo Gum’s feet up and tuck him in bed, LOLOLOL.

Oh right. There is one other scene I like i.e. the hole BTS where little pebbles or something was falling into the hole, Bo Gum grabbed Yoo Jung’s close to him and shielded her. The reaction is spontaneous and manly in a very attractive way. 😍 It definitely is a plus when guys do that.

Video source: Magnolia


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  1. The scene were KDY shielded PBG while he’s sleeping: i think KDY re-enact the scene LY-RO in the library lol. KDY seems like to make parody of the lovely scenes i.e. the scene RO sits on LY lap after the rain. He sits on one of the staff member with the same position.

    I like him though. Lovable!


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