3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village 3


I have been spending this weekend marathoning tvN’s 3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village 3 featuring Lee Seo Jin, Eric Mun and Yoon Kyun Sang. I’m not into variety shows, and I don’t see the appeal in watching people stuck in a village with no modern equipment and basically just eat and cook from whatever they are supplied. But I could no longer resist when there was so much raves about this season and Eric’s cooking. So I decided to check it out.

The verdict? I am hooked! To be honest, it’s a really looooong episode where we just watch them cook and eat all day long. But strangely, I am drawn to it from the beginning and has developed fondness for the boys.


Lee Seo Jin is the oldest of the 3 and the leader of the pack. His main job is bossing his dongsaeng, wait around for food to be cooked, and driving the boat. His special skills include peeling onion’s, garlic’s and/or potato’s skins. He can also be seen preparing the fire stove and assist in cooking. He prefers noodles over rice and loves clam dishes.

Eric Mun from Shinhwa is the second oldest. He is the driver and the executive chef. I am so impressed of his cooking knowledge, and I think he would become popular in hosting a cooking show. He definitely came on board well-prepared, but it is also apparent that, generally, he must have enjoyed cooking during his own private time. I am always at awe of the tips and tricks he knows in preparing the food. He also has impressive knife skills. From observing how he works in the kitchen, I concluded that Eric is a perfectionist and works systematically. Everyone including Na PD fell in love with Eric’s food, but their only complaint is the time Eric takes to complete them, LOLLLL. But watching him cook and being slow is definitely one of the reasons why I enjoy the show.

Yoon Kyun Sang is the maknae; he does anything he is told. He is also fun to watch because he knows absolutely nothing. His hyungs basically taught him from scratch and mentor him the survivor skills. It’s great fun watching him growing from being completely clueless to by episode 5, knowing what he needs to do and is good at doing them. One of the funny things was Eric is supposedly the fishing expert, but Kyun Sang turns out to be the one that catches all the fish. He is very lucky when it comes to fishing. There was one scene where Eric asked him what food he would like, he smiles goofily and tells Eric he would eat anything Eric gives him. Hahahahahaha that was adorable. They all adore and addicted to Eric’s food.

Special Guest: Na PD

Sometimes the show would invite special guests, but so far we haven’t had any and Na PD is the only one that occasionally appears on screen because he could not resist Eric’s clam soup and Jajang rice dish. He or his staff would steal the wok and eat a spoonful whilst squating down. HAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s so… I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s just so unnecessary to squat and eat.

Pets: Kong and Mong

Like its predecessor, pets are part of the casts and this season we have two fluffy fat cats that belong to Yoon Kyun Sang. They mostly stay in the room shared by Eric and Kyun Sang. I like Mong more than Kong because he is extra cute with those short feet; he is also less shy and more engaging if you play with him. Whereas Kong is an older cat so he is less curious. He’s also less adventurous and is timid.


The village where they filmed this show is located at Deukryang Island, Goheung, Jeollanam-do. It’s a fantastic area to be getting organic produce and fresh seafoods. The boys literally ate crabs, clams, fishes and octopus every day. I feel sorry for Kyun Sang because being such a big size that he is, naturally he eats more, and the seafoods that they caught weren’t enough to feed him in the beginning. I don’t think Eric cooked enough to fill him at first, but eventually the boys realised and now Kyun Sang gets bigger portion of the food, LOLLL.

Various delicious dishes cooked by Eric:

I highly recommend checking out this season’s 3 Meals a Day. Eric’s food is seafood fine dining—village style. LOL. Not only they are delicious (so we’re told), but it looks so damn good in visual. He puts effort in plating, too.

I hope it stays interesting till the very end, too. Na PD should consider putting Bo Gum with Eric, wouldn’t it be a blessing for us and him? He would most likely be Kyun Sang v2.0 and it would equally be interesting to watch him. Hehehehehe.

Gosh… now I am hungry.

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11 thoughts on “3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village 3

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  1. So far my favorite season of 3 Meals a Day is still the Farm edition, esp Season 2…
    lol It feels so idyllic and the guests who visit are alot of fun! They also had more interesting pets… like goats… chickens with attitude and some that makes sweet things! ♥

    I love to see Eric cooking here, with his awesome plating of sloooooow food… but Taecyeon made cooking look haphazardly fun and part of me is tickled when Seojinnie eats it and goes “we just need to eat like its tasty”…hahahah

    Maybe its just the chemistry with these 3 guys, still relatively new with one another… I will still be watching and trying to pick up some of that chopping skills…

    Do give those Farm seasons a try…esp the Park Shin Hye guesting episodes… ♥


    1. I saw all episodes with Park Shin Hye in it. Taecyeon cool image completely shattered, lol! I enjoy it too but still like fishing village more coz seafood is more interesting than vegetables, lol.

      It made me want to rewatch fish village episodes again coz Eric’s food not only taste good, it has the looks too. I also enjoy watching Eric does the food preparation and cooking.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for writing about this. I originally wanted to check it out but completely forgot it. Your post reminded me a show I need to check and gosh….. I kept laughing out loud during the pauses Eric made. He’s so great with the cooking but boy… I couldn’t stand the wait. I almost tempted to go into the screen just to speed things up. Hahhahahahha..

    I’m half excited and half worried IF Bogum joins this show. He is great with varieties.. what with his accident-prone skills, but I’m also worried he would keep blaming himself for not helping.. as last shown in Youths over Flowers. The boy did a lot of things, but because his deeds seemed small compared to what his hyungs did, he felt that he didn’t do much.
    But again, in the hand of Na PD, I’m sure Bogum will shine. IN2D proved so.


    1. I LOL at the Kyun Sang asking his hyungs if he should bring a jacket with him when they first went fishing. After all those back & forth, both Eric & him ended up wearing the same clothes. -.-” Everyone complains of Eric being slow, but I want him to be slow, hahaha! Coz it’s fun to watch. Sorry Seo Jin and Kyun Sang, bwahaha!

      Naaah. Bo Gum will just take over the cleaning and washing of everything. Plus, wouldn’t you want to see those arms chopping the fire woods?! Hmm? Hmm?


      1. How much should I pay for a topless Bogum chopping woods?
        But.. … he’s so stingy with his front back. If he ever goes topless, he might turn around.. so all we can see is his sweating back. I’m seriously curious with why he didn’t like showing his front part. He’s got two navels? tattooo? a slash mark?

        Anyway.. I’m not picky. If biceps are all I’ve got, I’ll take it with a happy heart.


        1. It may be because he found out how byeontae we all went after his reveal in YOF. I’ve a feeling he didn’t like all those zoomed up GIFs found on the net… sigh.


  3. I’m watching this season and repeating like so many times during having meal. The food looks absolutely so good (though not sure the taste) but the way Lee Seo Jin and Gyun Sang eat looks like the foods are so delicious. I think Eric is really one of the smart boy around. He’s like the key for this season because just like Gyun Sang said, without Eric they seem can’t do anything. But gosh, can’t he fast forward his moves? XD Well, perhaps once he got used to, he’ll be faster for food preparation. I hope 🙂


    1. I believe the seafoods are all delicious esp. the clam soup and pasta. And boy I want to get my hands on the crabs and the scallops. OMG, just kill me. They are all so freshhhh. Lee Seo Jin is an experienced 3 Meals a Day member so he definitely can cook, but why do it when Eric does it so darn better? Hahaha.

      Eric has gotten faster in e5. Hmph. No fun… being slow is what makes it funny.


      1. Seafood are all delicious but wrong preparation like cleaning and such, it will give bad smell. I think this is why Eric very careful about cleaning it. And he’s good not only for seafood but also curry and soup. Everyone can cook but not anyone can give a certain taste that everybody like it. I think Eric really has talent for cooking.

        Yup. I enjoy his slow cooking. I think there’s an art of cooking PUHAHAHAHA. I mean we really know the progress not only the result 🙂


        1. That’s why I enjoy watching Eric even more. Through him we get to learn the tricks / tips to treating them ^ ^ He makes lazy people like me wanna cook a clam pasta dish now. :p


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