ELLE Throws a Party for Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young


To celebrate jTBC 5th anniversary, ELLE Korea has invited Park Hyung Sik (Hwarang: The Beginning) and Park Bo Young (Oh! My Ghostess) for a photoshoot. The double Park are set to appear as the next new onscreen couple in upcoming drama, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Joining them are Ji Soo (Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) and Jeon Suk Ho (Misaeng).

The drama is directed by Lee Hyung Min (Orange Marmalade) and written by Baek Mi Kyung (My Love, Eun Dong), whose both works I am unfamiliar with. I saw a bit of Orange Marmalade and even Yeo Jin Goo couldn’t save the show.

There aren’t a lot of revelation on the story of this drama yet, and all we know is Park Bo Young will be portraying a girl with immerse strength when she gets angry or excited. LOL, sounds like a female version of Hulk, except she probably doesn’t turn green and become big. To hide her strength, she pretends to be weak.

Park Hyung Sik is playing a second generation chaebol. Fans of Hyung Sik will be happy since they would get double dosage of him beginning of December when Hwarang airs. Then in January, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon will air on jTBC on Fridays and Saturdays.

Bo Young shares with ELLE that she was initially worried about not having chemistry with Hyung Sik, but after seeing the pictures she thought the photoshoot turned out well. It was the first time she works with someone younger than her, so she thought she should take the lead, and even pluck up the courage to approach and chat with Hyung Sik.

I don’t think she needs to worry about anything. They look great together! The small screen has been deprived of 20-something good actresses, so I cannot express just how delighted I am to have her back.

Source: HamtolPooh


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