VPROVE Part 2: Captain Park Bo Gum To the Rescue!


VPROVE CF Part 2 is here, and it’s just as fun as part 1! Watching Park Bo Gum is a bliss because he’s so expressive, and each of these expressions are topping the Cute-O-Meter. Will there be a part 3?


First time watching this CF, I watch it for the content and swoon at how cute he is. On second watch, I still swoon at how cute he is, but I started to think making these sort of faces ain’t easy. Bo Gum doesn’t see what we see in the CF, so he’s doing all these using ‘imaginative acting‘. Obviously there will be someone telling him how to react, but I think a lot of it still depend on his own imaginations. So that explains why the BTS is so interesting and entertaining.


Let’s enjoy all these cute faces from uri Prince of Expression.

Captain Park sends his minion in to monitor the lady human’s skin. During the analysis, the lady human exposes herself to extreme hot and cold temperature.

Man, look at those lips…

The result of this analysis is that VPROVE recommends the use of Rhodiola Power Cream. The cream contains Rhodiola, which is a plant and is known as an “adaptogen” that helps* the body adapt to and resist physical, chemical, and environmental stress. Aaahhh, I see.

Captain Park, imma want one directly given by you too!

*Note that when a product says ‘helps to’, this usually means there isn’t enough scientific evidences to substantiate the claim.


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